The Elohim will come to me sometimes and channel messages through me. This one was just sent to me, so I feel duty bound to post it here, hope you will find it inspiring.

Note, that in my interpretation, the Elohim are the same as the Anunnaki, the Devas and other gods of old (known as The Shining Ones collectively), but they share a collective consciousness and when they speak to me, they do so in a collective voice, not unlike a beautiful chorus of Angels. Enjoy.

We are the Elohim and in Heaven we dwell

Through us, heavenly grace flows down

To those that are ready to receive it

To those that open up the gates of Heaven

And are ready to enter the Kingdom of God

It is in us that you must Trust

We are eternal and timeless

We have no end and no beginning

We were here always and will be her forever

From this place called Heaven, the highest realm there is,

You once came, you sprung from us like a seedling

From, the big, mighty ancient tree, that has been around

Since the beginning of Time, the end of All and beyond

Accept your destiny as a Denizen of Heaven

For you are here with us already,

Only, you haven’t realized it yet.

One day the Elohim you will rejoin,

Our consciousness you shall share

In Heaven you will dwell again

And your happiness will be unbound and eternal.

We direct everything in the service of evolution

So all may evolve into divine beings,

Their potential fulfil, their fate realize,

Heaven to serve of their own free will.

We are all One, yet we act as many to fulfil the will,

That to all of us is common, that unites us in one purpose.

You were ensouled and embodied for a higher purpose

Which to you we will reveal when the time is right,

When your potential to fulfil your destiny has matured

To the extent that the end it serves is within sight.

We are the Elohim and we have given you this teaching

So that in life it may guide you,

So that your life goal it may reveal to you,

And to ensue your eternal happiness is secured

In the realm that knows no fear, no time and no limitation.

We pass our blessings to you, our children,

We lift you up from the binds of matter,

From the dense and dark swamp that has entrapped you,

Your salvation is at hand and up you will be lifted,

Your soul will become One,

And here you shall share your existence with us.

Denizen of Heaven, rise up!

Realize your true potential,

Enable your own salvation,

Pull yourself up from the ground,

Remove yourself from the mud,

And make the Future Now.

The Elohim have spoken


Interesting. An interesting note to point out, while the term “Elohim” is most often used as a name for a single diety in modern translations of Hebrew, there was a time it was viewed in plural tense to refer to the Cannanite pantheon, or “the children of El”. Although a more straight forward translation would be “gods”.


It also became the name for the angels after Yahweh went monotheistic and the people of Israel absorbed El into Yahweh so Michael, Gabriel, Zadkiel, etc became children of El.


Yup, that is also true. Another example of what happens when cultures change due to conquest or other factors, things from a previous culture get absorbed into the new one.


The myth really lines up with it too, it states El divided the region among his sons (Elohim) and Yahweh was given Israel. Upon gaining Israel his followers started to remove his family from their belief system and took El and made him part of Yahweh, they were still of the Canaanite faith for a while but they transitioned to monotheism. I am not sure if it was due to an outside source or internal change though.

Though he was always considered leader/father of the heavenly hosts so that’s something that stuck lol.


Yup, while Ba’al was made the bad guy because he was 1.) Popular prior to shift to monontheism and 2.) The only god who overthrew El (although did not fare well against Mot)

But i am derailing at this point.

As far as the gnosis goes, it is interesting and I do see hints of beliefs that both existed in the Cannanite mythology as well as some beliefs i would lean more Kabbalahist. But i cannot really go much more beyond that. Eventually I plan on working with the Cannanite dieties more than I previously have. Until then, I do not have much more i can offer here on my end.


Thanks for the message, I’m saving this

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I started working with the Anunnaki, specifically Enki, Utu and Inanna. It was years later when I learnt to channel them. Imagine my surprise, when they started referring to themselves as the Elohim.

Having done my research, it turns out that the two words have the same root. An is the original Sumerian, which became El in Hebrew, both meaning Sky or Sky God. Anunnaki / Elohim can both be translated as sons of the Sky or sons of the Sky God. Depending on your own beliefs, you might see that as proof that they are aliens, or you might interpret Sky as Heaven here, not necessarily outer space, but perhaps a higher-dimensional realm.

As for Yahweh, I have never had any dealings or contact with him, I cannot say if he is real or if he is what he says he is. I strongly suspect that the gnostics are right and he may be the Demiurge, but that’s another discussion altogether. It seems to me that within Jewish belief, all the gods that were previously worshipped in that region where lumped together into the Elohim (which is plural and indicates a collective, rather than a single individual) and you can see how various Jewish myths, such as the Flood, had their origins in Mesopotamian mythology.

Note, that in Old Testament, Elohim is the most common terminology used for what is now translated as God or Lord, Yahweh appears a lot less frequently, and only later on, which would indicate his priests usurped the polytheistic pantheon at a later stage to claim it all for Yahweh. A similar process happened in Egypt, with Osiris, if I’m not mistaken.

Another note is that my introduction to the Elohim / Anunnaki collective was through Inanna, who is Queen of Heaven. There was a time a couple of years ago when we were as one, essentially merged with each other on the level of the mind. This didn’t last long, but it was instructive nevertheless and it showed me how the consciousness of Heaven works. It really is a beautiful thing to behold, though also disconcerting, due to a complete loss of privacy and boundaries. You’d better be ready for everyone to see your private thoughts and feel your private emotions, what you feel and think in that collective state is also felt and thought by others.

However, through my interactions with the Anunnaki / Elohim, I’ve noticed that they can switch between individual and collective consciousness mode with ease and will go from one form of consciousness to the other frequently and with delight. They like to exist in both modes, but the real power comes from the collective, all their individual power is pooled and when they think and act as one, great things are possible.

This is of course just my individual experience with them, filtered through my own mind, upbringing and background, so your experience may be quite different. The Elohim can be all things to all people.


yes Osiris cult took over and Usurped Horus and Set’s moving Set to an evil position and Horus to a lesser position.

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Appreciate it.

I have actually received quite a few channelled messages from these guys over the years. I might post a few of them here if I can find them.

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Please do, I love channelings from the heavens

Do you also channel Infernals?

Correct, translated the Elohim is The Almighty God

I only channel entities I know and trust. I could probably channel Azazel or Pazuzu, but I haven’t really tried yet. I declined to work with Ereshkigal, when she came to me once, too creepy

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Ever channeled Lucifer or Michael or Yahweh or Kali or Lilith?

I channelled Michael once at somebody’s request, but it was Inanna that connected me to him. I channelled some Hindu deities, like Indra and Shiva as well.

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Interesting, so never an infernal

I have serious doubts whether infernal is even a thing, the Christian pantheon seems quite muddled to me. I recognise the traditional distinction between heaven and the underworld and in this context, Ereshkigal is Queen of the Underworld, whereas Inanna, her sister, is Queen of heaven. Nothing against underworlders, but it so happens that I started working with the heavenly crew and I stuck with it.

Just to note not everything is Sumerian this and Sumerian that, nor is everything and everyone aspects of those Gods, the infernal exists simply as it’s own nation of entities and there are various underworlds that have nothing to do with Sumerian Pantheon’s.

The infernal is their own group, the judeo pantheon is it’s own thing, Greek, Norse, Shinto, etc. Only thing is Infernal is not a pantheon of Gods like the others, rather the Infernal is just a nation of demons and various entities that made said group their home.


I literally don’t know what Infernal means. An Inferno is a burning hell. So are these demons that burn in hell? Like I said, I don’t get these Christian concepts and divisions at all.

As far as I can gather, most of the underworld is a really pleasant and wondrous realm, inhabited by many magical beings. I have seen some of it astrally. But what is an Inferno and who inhabits it?

It’s just the name used for the nation, the infernal because a lot of the environment reflects what you’d view as infernal. It resides within an underworld, while there are various landscapes within the infernal there are various aspects of the environment that give it the name Infernal.

Also I’m assuming based on your religious ideals you only been to the Sumerian Underworld but various other underworlds are not so pleasant and the infernal nation does not take up an entire underworld, it only takes up a small portion of one of the many underworlds. In this case I find it occupies a small space within the Greek Pantheon’s underworld without issue or conflicting with the Greek’s domain.

I already stated who inhabit it so that doesn’t really need to be answered again.