Eloah/ Aloah va daath - to summon demons

Did any of you guys summoned demons, spirits or Dark Gods with the Mantra: “aloah va Daath”. This mantra seems to connect to brotherhoods of power. Crowley himself found it powerful.

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Can you please tell me more about Dark Gods?

Well some guys work closely with the Gods of the Qliphot, some see Ahriman as God, some Lucifer as Supreme and some work with the old Dark Gods: Hades, Saturn, Hekate…It’s up to you wich pantheon resonates with you

The mantra is super powerful :snake:

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Thank you.
two years ago I came across - ateh daath. it said ateh not atah. it was in my language so i’m not sure if it’s a mistake / because of the pronunciation it says ateh instead of atah or it should be ateh.

I don’t know what the power is in those words.

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Isn’t EL-OH-AH V’DAH-AAT one of the names of, or praises/calls to, YHVH? I feel like I read this in one of the rituals in Modern Magick by Don Michael Kraig, and that book is very RHP/Golden Dawn-based.

I mean it certainly could work, but you might be better off with one of Koetting’s chants if the entity you’re summoning is demonic.


I. The Qabalistic Cross

With wand or finger of the right hand touch the forehead and intone ((Ateh)) . Then touch the solar plexis and intone Malkuth. Then the right shoulder, intone Vegeburah, then the left and intone Vegedullah. Finally cross your arms over your breast and intone Le Orlahm Amen.

I hear with A, not E.

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Ve Geburah,
Ve Gedulah,
Le Olam, amen.

Switch on the universal translator and it becomes very familiar indeed:

As above,
so below,
the power and the glory,
forever, amen.

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May Tanja writed how we speak it on our language.

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I think so, it confuses me that I find words with E. I always say with A.

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Atah Gibor Leohlam Satan or Atah Gibor Leohlam Azerate Is the right Kabbalistic cross for demonologysts


The correct pronunciation is “ATAH.” It is Hebrew for “Thou,” the second person masculine.

The pronunciation of “ATEH” is wrong. No such word exists in Hebrew, and is actually a grammatical error made by Cowley (he made many of them in his work) that his followers seem to just accept and continue propagating.


Thank you very much!
What is the function of atah daath?

In what context?

As I said above, ATAH is Hebrew for the second person masculine “Thou.”

DA’AT is Hebrew for “knowledge,” and in Kabbalah, represents the mystical state where the light of the Divine shines through all of the Sephiroth on the Tree of Life, uniting them as one. In other contexts, it has also been used to refer to the barrier that separates the Divine macrocosm, from flowing down into the microcosm.

During the Kabbalisitc Cross, for example, you are bringing the Divine light down from Kether, through Da’at, and into Malkuth.

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In the context of vibration Aaaaaataaah Daaaaath.

What is it for when it vibrates, what should happen?

Thank you!

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Vibrating a word sets up specific energies within the body.

However, I am unsure in what ritual you would be vibrating ATAH DA’AT. Those words aren’t usually used together and do not form a Divine Name or anything else that one would vibrate.

In the Middle Pillar ritual, which imprints the Tree of Life upon the body and sets up the flow of energy, DA’AT is the throat centre, but it is not vibrated, only the corresponding Divine Name YHVH ELOHIM is.


I came across an argument on a local forum between Kabbalist practitioners and Kabbalist theorists (that’s what I would call them).

The Kabbalist practitioner said to the Kabbalist theorist:

And now we’re going to make a quick release.
Visualize no less and no more but THUNDER. (Thunder is a pillar of light, let it rotate around itself) The stronger the better. It goes straight through the middle of your head to the lower two chakras. Don’t miss by any chance, ask well where they are and FEEL them. If you are not able to feel them, and this is a very realistic possibility, it spreads the lightning so that it has a wide and blunt end and covers a larger “area”.
You apply the law of SILENCE to this! When, how and where you only know, only and exclusively you.


Deep in your throat, vibrate ATEH until you feel that your vibrations match the vibration of the lower two chakras.

ATEH is the call of the subconscious into consciousness and locating the chakras.
When you have done that, and everything is short-lived, take in a lot of air and vibrate DAAT. On DAAT SHOOT the lower two chakras. Go through them and leave them CLEAN.

Protect yourself then with the tree of life because a counterattack will follow.
And be polite, say goodbye to the guest.

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Sounds like something experimental they made up. It doesn’t fall into any Kabbalistic magick I am familiar with, at least not Golden Dawn or Thelema (for one thing Kabbalah doesn’t use the chakras).


ok. Thank you very much!
It’s been bothering me for two years. the person is no longer active.

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It looks like they are using the words to represent the two aspects of the mind, the conscious and unconscious, and tying them to the chakras.

It is a bit odd though because traditionally the lower chakras would be representative of Malkuth, not DA’AT. :thinking:

Have you tried the exercise out?