Eloah/ Aloah va daath - to summon demons

yes, twice.
the first time I had no idea about Kabbalah, I didn’t believe in anything, I accidentally ended up on that topic.
the second time two years later, I just wanted to make sure I made it all up the first time. I don’t think there will be a third time.
I had no protection and I generally have little knowledge.
I’d like someone else to try it, so I can see what this is about.

The discussion you took it from didn’t explain its purpose?

I’m going to see what else there is, so I’ll translate.

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We both see that to be true.

It’s always one small easy step, but too much resistance to it. I won’t, I wouldn’t, I don’t care, you have no idea … and you just need to clear the chakras from the guest. It takes about 10 seconds. Christians usually call this guest a demon. Muslims jinn.

We both know it’s not going to happen, do we? You agree to everything else - ONLY THIS NO.
I know. Because your goal now is to stretch around the name. Deviate from the main topic.
Tell me what the meaning of life is, so that I know that you are “pure”, and there is only one answer. You will call yourself Harmony. You’ll just be told everything.

Because all the answers are IN YOU. With blocked chakras you have none.

For starters be aware that I will know exactly whether you took off the parasite or not. And it’s very simple. When you take it off — you’re a different man. This will be seen by everyone on this forum. Because the amount of your resistance to work of 10 seconds speaks of the amount of SLAVERY to the parasite.

Harmony, Harmony, you don’t even know if you have tapeworm until you go to the lab. And it eats you inside. Take that pill and CLEAR THE CHAKRAS.

And then tell me -WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE.

It is also a magic lesson of the zero category, and the answer you need to give me, in order to talk meaningfully.

Or are you telling me you don’t know anything about guests?

BTW, if it happens to you when and if you freak out to PHYSICALLY SEE an entity, if you accidentally quit out of fear, it’s back on your chakras. Their fear is DESERT, they feed on those energies.

And my dear Harmony, if he is not there, WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?

And I’m not nervous at all, I know you can’t.

Do you want me to talk to a guest?

Ah. It is a method to clear parasites,

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the first and second message are related to the ejection of parasites?

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Seems like it. That’s what he means when he keeps saying “guests.” It’s a technique for clearing and purifying the chakras of a parasite that he thinks the person he is talking to has.

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ok, i’ll read everything again tomorrow, there aren’t many messages there, they haven’t hung out in a long time. I’ll write if I come across anything else.
Thank you so much for everything.

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didnt in many books error be made ? or just say may words changed that person or get in trouble or not get nothing or do alone reasearch

thank you, its mean much

thank you, i too searched about me and northwind was read some our occult category on forum, some woman Tanja, talked about using that chant to connect two sides of mind. She say its posible that some creatures from darkness will show up. Its they look like shadow ppl or something like that, dark guy in suit come as their boss. Then she say you stuck on spiritual growth coz you need clean two lower chakras from that chants, actually you was chant that and focus on two lower chakras, some creatures will come. She say its will be atack from that creatures, that person need protect with tree of life. Chakras cleaned by imagine thunder bolt come from crown chakra to all down chakras.

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