Elevation of spirits

I don’t see anything come up when I search this, and I think it’s an interesting topic in its own right that merits discussion.

I was thinking about it, be ause I remembered the topic someone posted abcut getting a succubus from Lilith that for all intents and purposes was/is “elevated”. Can’t seem to find that thread though.

I’m borrowing this phrasing from a user that has left the forum, but he had mentioned doing something of the sort in passing a few times. Though I don’t think he got into a lot of detail.

Now, it’s not hard for me to see how this happens with say, a servitor, but I’m curious how this is with another spirit.

If you look to Japan for example, there’s plenty of stories of spirits that start off more malignant only to become local spirits/kami of one sort or another.

There’s also plenty of Buddhist temple that turned “demons” into temple guardians and what have you.

(Though in a variety of cases, said spirit simply “moves on” after being pacified or placated)

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I think spirits evolve as they gain experience, and that makes them capable of taking on more complex experiences which evolve them further.

I think that’s exactly what we’re all doing being human after all. There’s no reason that should be reserved for humans only, it seems to be the way it works, and may be what’s behind the religious idea that we progress from insects through mammals to get to human.

That’s basically what ascension is, the Progression from being human to the next level, and beyond, it doesn’t stop.

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I agree that they essentially ascend or can move up in rank, evolve and learn many things- I’m not real clear what the purpose is in some cases though.

Even my work with servitors lends to the theory, without considering things like whether or not humans may joined those ranks after leaving earth. Saints, Pomba Gira’s, some Loa’s and many other spirits have been thought to have lived here at some point.

But my work with servitors? Man you can turn a thought into a spirit.

That spirit can then be given sentience, the ability to learn and develop…overtime they have personalities, like children and you can give them a soul, and if you’ve done all the steps and share it…

You learn that those servitors with souls can’t be killed the same way as others. Each person that summons it gets their own face, so to kill the one they summoned doesn’t really do anything but kill what they could access…

Anyone else with the same information can still summon up the servitor that you killed cuz you didn’t like it…

So how are spirits different? As long as we know they exist, even without a name we can call them to us. That spirit hovering over your bed while you’re asleep and scaring you?

You don’t need it’s name to get its attention when you’re awake and ready to devour it, you only need to know enough to get you back to it…

Which can be as simple as a description of how they appear or their sigil and the like.

So I think they do evolve and move up in their own hierarchies, I think I like of names we give spirits are merely titles too though. They describe the type of entity in that role, not necessarily the exact entity in that role.

But if I can give servitors souls, and they basically function like these other types of spirits do minus an official rank- I don’t see any reason to believe that spirits with a title, or whom are known would not be working towards something greater than what they have.

Why wouldn’t they be on their own path towards greatness? I mean why else would they have agendas and things they are pushing unless there is indeed a reason to.

Or unless they were created for the explicit purpose of aiding humanity. That’s not a hard drive to imbue into a servitor, idk about spirits or how they really originated other than theories though. My servitors want to help, because then they get praised and loved for it…

Idk I know some people and spirits are just helpful. I like to help others but I’m choosy in how and where and why I do it, because I have my own agenda still no matter how much I want to help ya know?

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