Elevating POMBA GIRA

For anyone that struggles in love, this is the woman who knows how to heal the heart and bring back the love into your life quickly and efficiently. She will make your lover the sweetest to you, treat her with the most respect and always give thanks to the queen. Never forget her offerings always offer before and after you have gotten your desires fulfilled. ALL HAIL THE POWERFUL BEAUTIFUL QUEEN POMBA GIRA MARIA PADILHA. THANK YOU RAINHA


How interesting, I was talking this Sunday with someone who comes from a Afro-lineage,Camdomblé, and we talked about Exu and Pomba Gira!^^

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Did you make her a petition ( please details) or ther is some kind of ritual like prays etc
Thx for posting


Pomba Gira spirit of happiness, I am in need of your magic and power. May your enchantment be the enchantment that realizes my desires and ends my solitude, heartache and misfortune. With the purest and truest of hearts and not desiring to cause or bring any harm, hurt or misfortune to myself (KMV) nor my beloved (JEL) that his heart beat without interruption only for me (KMV) in all directions for eternity.

My Queen Pomba Gira of The Crossroads, I ask you to turn (JEL) in my favor so that he falls completely in love with me (KMV) and needs to have me with him now. Go where ever my beloved (JEL) is and goes, and bring him to me (KMV). Don’t let him rest, sleep, be cheerful nor feel pleasure until he sees me, speaks to me, and makes me his only lover forever.

For the powers of earth, for the presence of fire, for the inspiration of air, for the virtues of water, for the tears that I have shed over love, I invoke your spirit and that of the blessed souls so that you go to where ever (JEL) is and bring his heart, body and soul and bind it to mine (KMV) definitively. Have his spirit soak in the essence of my love so they will reciprocate their love to me in quadruple. May my beloved (JEL) not desire any other person, that his thoughts and eyes only be about me (KMV), (JEL) feels sorry for rejecting and being indifferent to me, and desire to see me and need me be to be his only lover.

O great Pomba Gira, Queen of the Crossroads, move air, transform fire, form water, heal earth so the wheel turns and turns and turns and makes my beloved (JEL) quickly come pursuing me (KMV) crazily, humbly, passionately wanting to be by my side asking me to never let him go.

O great Pomba Gira Rainha of all Marias and the 7 skirts, my kind, glorious and loving princesses, I ask that the body of my beloved (JEL) burn with intense desire to have me (KMV) and make me his. May his desire for me blind them of others. May my beloved (JEL) lose interest in all other people once and for all and not feel any desire nor pleasure with no other person but me (KMV). May he never see other individuals as a conquest, feel no interest for them and ignore them. May no other make him feel any pleasure. Only I (KMV) will give pleasure and love to (JEL). Only I will have that power given by you.

O great Pomba Gira of the 7 Exus that accompany your steps I (KMV) ask and plead for you to tie my beloved (JEL) to the 7 knots of your skirts and the 7 bells on your clothes and bring him to me. That my beloved (JEL) be at this moment desiring me, wanting to be with me, loving me and kissing me. That he have me in his thoughts 24 hours a day, where ever he may be or whom ever he may be with, his thoughts only be about me (KMV). May my beloved desire to hear my voice, see me, hug me, kiss me, sleep with me, so intensely, that he has to call, text and e-mail me needing to be with me. May he be totally crazy with intense desire for me (KMV) at this moment and always wanting us together for eternity.

O my queen Pomba Gira of the 7 crossroads; Tie the heart, body and spirit of (JEL ) to the heart body and spirit of I (KMV); making us one. May my desires be the desires of my beloved (JEL) and love me as if I were the only person on the face of this earth. As he goes to sleep may my beloved (JEL) think of me (KMV) as the only person in the world that he loves and trusts. Make my beloved (JEL ) feel a love for me that is beyond normal, like he has never felt in their entire life and never will. Only I (KMV) can satisfy and give pleasure to my beloved (JEL ), only I can have that power given to me by you.

O great Pomba Gira of the 7 Exus which accompany your steps, I supplicate you to tie and unite our love now. Please break all the barriers that my beloved (JEL) would have against me, and make them kind, loving, passionate, comprehensive, tolerant, and happy being by my side forever. May he never have the desires to leave me or let me go again, loving me always intensely and passionately for eternity.

I appreciate the spirit of the 7 crossroads, working by my side in this situation for me. For this, I will divulge & give acknowledgement of your name. I (KMV) profess in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the confidence in the power of the spirit of the 7 crossroads, so that it will be, so it is, and so it has been done. I give thanks for the desires granted and obtained. May this prayer become that much stronger each time it is read. I will cry out to the 4 corners of the world asking, Oh Mother Pomba Gira of the 7 Crossroads to grant my desires: Make (JEL) crazily in love with me (KMV), that for every tear that I have shed, the love in his heart becomes stronger for me. May the spirit of Pomba Gira blow in the thoughts and ears of my beloved (JEL) my name, day & night. May he go to sleep thinking of me, and wake up thinking of me needing to call, text and e-mail me desiring to hear my voice and tell me he wishes to be by my side.

O great Pomba Gira, I ask: Oh mother remove all obstacles and negative thoughts of me from my beloved (JEL). May he only think of our divine love, and live always by my side eternally. Remove all and any resistance to me, and may he hear my voice at this very moment calling, wanting and desiring him. May he have the need to hold, hug and kiss me and come looking for me, needing to make me his. So it will be, so it is, so it has been done. I have confidence that this matter has been attended to. I appreciate the attention given to my divine desires for (JEL) to love me (KMV) entirely for eternity. THANK YOU MY BEAUTIFUL, BRILLIANT, SWEET, KIND, POWERFUL, LOVING, JOYFUL QUEEN POMBA GIRA MARÍA PADILHA, I PROMISE TO CONTINUE TO SPREAD YOUR NAME AS LONG AS MY LOVER STAYS IN MY LIFE. THANK YOU MY QUEEN. ALL HAIL THE QUEEN POMBA GIRA MARÍA PADILHA.


First I vented to her About what was going on in my life I got emotional and started crying during that time, I told her I wanted to make a deal with her and showed her what I was offering her (red roses without thorns , whiskey, chocolate, cherries, rose quartz, lipstick, coconut, water, incense, perfume oil, hand drawn portrait of her ect.ect.) wrote out this petition on parchment paper to her while in a hotel room read it 6 times near 3 candles (red) around her sigil. I let her know that I was going to read the petition a 7th time at the T shaped crossroad and that’s where I will leave her offerings. then went to the nearest T shaped cross road broke the coconut on the floor where I was contacting her and placed her offerings neatly on a patch of dirt on the corner of the Crossroad where there happened to be a tree as well. I poured all of the whiskey onto her sigil. And then started reading the petition out loud, a few cars passed by but you need to focus on Pomba Gira . I folded my petition towards me and then shoved it inside of the whisket bottle along with the portrait of her then I said my thankyous and went on with my life .


Another offering I gave her was a jar of honey with a honey comb in it


Wow! This is amazing! I’d love to do this as well. Thank you so much for all the details! :heart:
How do you evoke her? And what if you cannot go to a crossroad and read it the 7th time there? The people here are very nosy and probably will beat the hell out of me, no kidding.

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My nearest cross road is just in front of my house and I think my neighbours would call the police on a horse chanting to Pomba Gira and smashing coconuts…

That would make one hell of a Street view capture - “explain this” image…

I actually want to do this.

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Also, do you have to have an intimate relationship with her first or you can go straight?

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I didnt have the stuff for offering so I apologized but as I set there I had this feeling Cinnamon so I got up and grabbed Cinnamon out of the cabinet and put it out as an offering. Im not able to go to a crossroad either. I hope she will still help even though I dont have much as I seen was to be done.

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I started working with Pomba Gira last night but wasn’t feeling it, so called her again this morning and the energy was almost tangible. I was buzzing after. I’m feeling more confident than last night that’s for sure. I’ll post updates be they positive or utter failure :joy:

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I have interest in working with Pomba Gira. Is this the prayer to her that I’ve heard about? I’m only asking because I can’t see to find it anywhere else. Just need a nudge in the right direction on how to reach out to her. Forgive me and my newbie ways!

Yes, this is her chant to use while evoking her.

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Thank you so very much, you lovely person!

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To find a lot of info about lady Pomba Gira, just google Pomba Gira Brasil , and ask google to translate the sites, you will have a lot of info, because she is very higly venerated there.


I have a question…did you leave an altar at all or did you just offer and then deliver the offerings. Later fulfilled your promise?

Pomba Gira told me to kiss her ass. She didn’t help me one bit. Lol

All spirits, angels or demons don’t respond to everyone.

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A diety does not have to work with you, just because you ask. They have the right to refuse.

Hello, I’ve been working or at least trying to work with Pomba Gira. Everyone seems to get fast results. This is Day 6 for me and so far no movement in my situation. I followed the online instructions, but I’m not sure I’m getting her attention. How can I tell whether I’m doing it right or whether she is willing to help me? Any insights would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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I am wondering the ssame thing. I have read so much how she works quickly,but I haven’t had anything.