Been seeing a lot of elephant pics of late… And colour Pink …what could this be symbolising

I don’t think it means anything.

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It could mean nothing, our minds do try and find symbolism in repeating occurrences.


Most likely nothing


A friend of mine said that she had a dream of an elephant standing over her, so I looked up the metaphysical meanings of an elephant. She’s a mother, and felt a strong parallel between the meanings and her current situation. Is there something your forgetting, something that you must always remember to do and haven’t been?

(It’s interesting I’ve seen this question twice in three days, and I saw a Ganesh statue the day in between!)

Well I have been getting visions concerning this virus thing… That I have been totally ignoring… The place where I’m at people have taken it super lightly and are living normal lives… But a week ago I saw a vision of a spirit with a plague mask… And random corona inscriptions… One on the back of a Toyota car… On a box… Totally unrelated and at weird moments… I’ve been seeing visions of caskets and lots of black crows… Foul smell from everywhere…

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So I really I’m not sure but no deaths over here yet… But pok is chill af …almost too chill

Thats creepy. I’m all about syncs I had one yesterday. A claircognizant message that lined up perfectly with something I’m not allowed to openly talk about on the forum. (If anybody wants to know my prophecy they can message me, its pretty interesting)

Maybe look up Ganesh and see if you feel drawn to him.

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well ganesh in many art wears pink so maybe you should contact him

n the last week or a plague doctor has played prominantly in my dreams, meditations and journeys.

Doing some digging got these off a website

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Elephants are giants, and they are dangerous and destructive. They’re fucking scary
Yet they are also shy… And very wise. They are creatures of destruction that choose to live gentle lives… Until you fuck with their family.
Always protect your family, your honor, and your legacy… That’s what the elephant symbolises to me.

I’ve been wondering the symbol of elephant, as the last painting my father gave me before his death, was an elephant… And I never had a connection with them, so I wondered why he would give me an elephant…

They also really wise… Intelligent

Read somewhere they represent luck too

Wise beyond your years… With the elephant symbol in your life you’ll find yourself in positions where you really can’t express or share your thoughts with the people around you because they wouldn’t understand or relate…

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Check this out

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This hits way too close to home