Electrical appliances

Hello everyone,

I was hoping for some advice on how to calm my house down.

I am not sure exactly which ritual caused my current problems because I have performed so many, some quite intense. I banish etc but the problems keep occurring.

Something is causing the electrical appliances in my home to go berserk. The garage roller door motor blew. My wall oven blew. I’m going to replace it with a second hand one. The fridge stopped working and being cold. The hot water system had a copper pipe come loose and water burst everywhere all down the backyard - all day - until I noticed it in the evening when I came home from work.

The final straw was this weekend when 2 oil heaters blew. 1 melted the power cord and the other stopped working altogether, it had been making cracking noises for a few weeks though, only 2 years old.

Needless to say, this is costing me money. I’m getting really pissed off. Another thing I have noticed (twice now) is that in the zone between sleeping and waking up, I hear (probably astrally) the sounds of wailing tormented spirits in my ears. The noise stops abruptly when I completely wake up.

My friend thinks I have an infestation of sorts and need to step up the banishing, the Bornless and call higher powers etc

Does anyone have more suggestions, please? Particularly, if you have experienced this kind of thing yourself…?

Archangel Michael could help.

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Is that an intuition that you have occult interference with your electrics and pipes? What if you get in touch with the spirits making the wailing and ask them if they know? I might also want to know how they got there - if they were sent, then they’re a symptom not the direct cause of the problem.

Also, not meaning to sound boring, but have you had an electrician check the junction box? Just in case it’s not inside the house, so you don’t waste a lot of time banishing for no reason and it wouldn’t get fixed.


I second @ElectricDragon call on Michael. Otherwise if you have a demon you work closely with then ask for their assistance.


It might be you. Magical and psychic energy wreaks havoc on electronics. As you get stronger or more charged your aura will screw stuff over. It doesn’t seem to happen to everyone but individually shielding your stuff and a shield around yourself usually works. Otherwise it is from the latest rituals that have permanently damaged everything from the bursts of energy.


LOL you are right I should get an Electrician in to check as a first but yes, I do have vibes that there is an occult interference. Things tend to happen when you practise magick a lot.

Hmm… my friends have said that people have felt intimidated by me, too.
I really don’t like that at all.

I used to call spirits to shield me, but is there another quicker or simpler way?

Use energy and shape it around yourself like you are making a thoughtform and tell it to dampen the energy you unintentionally put out. That will work for a time but then start learning to control your own energy and what you put out so you don’t need to maintain the shield.

thank you

Just wanted to add an update which may be of interest…

So I blew yet another appliance.

I conferred with a Magician friend of mine and we went through my magical diary, without revealing too much as I like to keep things private.

It revealed that I have been doing more solar working than anything else. So it all makes sense. I know now what happens when you are invoking planetary influences but not BALANCING them. In other words, make sure you do a different planet each time, say once a week or once every few weeks, as different planets work at different speeds as well.

This may be useful to someone out there.