Egyn (Cardinal King of the North)

I have been researching Egyn, the cardinal king of the north. He seems like he could be a tremendous help to a businessman and diviner. There is hardly any info on Egyn around the internet, so I wanted to openly ask if anyone has directly dealt with him for practical workings in life.

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Interesting question! I wondered why so few work with this entity - this forum has only a tiny handful of posts mentioning him, and I came across this (screenshot below for convenience) that might explain why: basically the grimoires that became the most popular are incomplete, so people just don’t hear about him much…? :thinking:

You’re not the only one interested but not finding much. (This thread form 2019 drew a blank)

Someone wrote this on reddit (r/demons) - I was led right to it but otherwise the search results are swamped with gamer fiction, so I have a feeling he wants to be known.

Pasting here for copy-paste purposes:

Egyn is also known as Ariton, and both Mathers and Agrippa wrote that he is analagous to the Jewish demon Azael (which Agrippa then went on to say is an alternate name for Paimon…even though Cyprian puts Paimon in the west.) Aratron may also be a version of Ariton, according to Mathers’ translation from the Grimoire of Armadel, and Rudd states that Aratron is a demon connected to Saturn.

Most of the info available about Egyn is from Cyprian’s Clavis Inferni and those are the images that tend to come up when image searching specifically for Egyn. In most images for Egyn, you’ll see a set of concentric circles with dots in each of the cardinal directions - that is his seal. You won’t find a sigil like those typically found for other demons because the only real place Egyn is specifically mentioned is, I believe, in the book of Moses, and he was not one of Solomon’s 72.

Basically, you can use the circle seal, or you can use sigils for any of the others listed… or you can just make up a sigil that feels right, because that’s basically what all of these authors did.


Look on the cover of The Black Dragon by Arundell Overman.

So that’s on Amazon here.

And this indeed has Egyns sigil on the cover, and I presume does talk about this entity.



Amazon blurb:

The Black Dragon is the last of the old grimoires. Written in 1887 it features portions of the Grimoire of Pope Honorius and the Red Dragon or Grand Grimoire as well as spells from the Grimorium Verum blended masterfully together. The book teaches how to invoke 11 demons whose names are Oriens, Amaymon, Paimon, Egyn, Lucifer, Frimost, Astaroth, Sirchade Bechard, Guland and Surgat. These spirits are divided into the four demon kings of the directions, and the demons of the seven days of the week. 7 magic circles are given for the evocation of these spirits, and the hazel wand with the metal tips, which has the power to summon any demon from hell, the mighty blasting rod is employed. The book also contains an exceptionally wide range of spells which are used to gain wealth, discover a thief, gain love, go invisible, curse one’s enemies, win at dice, enchant firearms, and much more. This edition of the book also features an additional section which gives information on each of the 11 demons in the book.

Occult Live wiki says:

Egyn appears as the king of the North in several grimoires, including The Book of Abramelin , The Book of Oberon , and The Grimoire of Saint Cyprian , and is categorized as a former member of the order of Cherubim in MS Plut. 89 Sup. 38 . In the Book of Oberon he is said to have 12000 legions under his control in addition to having two messengers under his command named Rodabell and Lambricon, but MS Plut. 89 gives him 10000 legions. The Astrologer of the 19th Century simply gives him a “countless” number of legions.

So it’s not an answer: I have not worked with him yet, but this is super interesting and thank you for clueing me in with this post. I though I had completed the 72 challenge, but that works now feels incomplete. I knew I would do it again sometime and now I know why.


@Mulberry I don’t consider Ariton and Egyn the same. Egyn is the cardinal dragon king, and Ariton is the Olympic Planetary spirit of Saturn. The book of Oberon gives more details on the four kings’ descriptions. (Written circa 1570s)

In terms of the sigils, i know what the reddit post was talking about. Its the four from the cyprianic books. (Egyn is bottom right)

From the book of Oberon, the description is quite extensive and gives the 12 chief spirits under him. A couple are from the Pseudomonarchia Daemonium. (Also the Ars Goetia)

It seems Egyn in particular is a character of natural and liberal sciences. (higher educated fields) He creates good relations between the magician and those he deals with. He also seems to sway overall fortune in the magician’s favor, in addition to teaching necromancy and divination.

His description somewhat resembles Paymon’s from the Ars Goetia, who is also the Western King. He teaches “what holds up the earth, the waters, what the pit is, where it is, etc.” This seems to imply that he initiates into the deeper mysteries of sorcery. Egyn and Amaymon rule way more legions than Paymon too.

This is why i became interested in other people’s accounts of him, to see if any of this holds true. But this seems to be a spirit almost no one actively works with. And he seems really powerful.