Effective forms of Grounding meditation or meditation to remove stagnant energy

So I’ve seen alot of people talk about how important grounding meditation is but I’m struggling to find some solid methods and guides on how to do it. So I wanna know what you find most effective to ground your energy or remove stagnant energy? Also someone reccomended a solar meditation to me to burn away stagnant energy but I can’t find anything on that, if anyone knows of this type of meditation I’d love to know how to do it.
I tried an excercise earlier today, I was in the shower and imagined myself pushing out this gunky energy through my skin which was then washed away by the water, I did this a few times thinking it would have a ground effecting but didn’t really feel anything.

Thank you for any advice

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Forgot to mention I’ve heard of the method where stand outside in soil and imagine roots coming out of your feet, so I’m looking for other methods. This one isn’t always suitable for me.

Technically, grounding simply means staying connected to the physical world, in contrast to the mystical “head in the clouds” type, so anything that brings the physical into prominence within your awareness, such as a heavy, flavourful, meal, sex, or exercise, will work.

EA’s dictum is to make a sandwich.


I see so my impression was grounding meant to get rid of like residual energy. I take it this isn’t right

Grounding is a way to get rid of excess energy. If you are overloaded with energy, then the recommendation is to send it into the earth, in a similar way to how lightning is naturally grounded out when it strikes.

Residual energy means energy that is left over from something, a spirit, for example, in which case it is usually cleared via a banishing ritual.

I think what you might be referring to is stagnant energy, which, like stagnant water, is energy that has grown stale and dirty due to lack of flow and freshness. In that case it is naturally cleared by moving it around through something like qi gong or energy work, as well as bringing in new energy.


Yh spot on, and ok kl qi gong and energy work, I’ve got some sources that I can use to try those out on.
Thank you for your help Darkest, I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

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Energy in the body is often likened to water, with natural pools (dan tiens), eddies (chakras) and tributaries (meridians) so you might find it helpful to think of your chi like that.


Actually, that’s what I tell people to do, while they are doing cleansing baths and the like, it’s really more geared at removing hex’s/curses/unwanted entities and the like than it is at grounding.

Grounding can be done by picturing roots sprouting from feet, going deep into the earth, and the bad energy flowing out while your roots take in new good energy that the earth has cleansed, or taking it in through the crown from the sun or another source.

But like Dk mentions, grounding is often done with physical activity, particularly when you know you are at risk for getting swept away into the abyss. I like mindless phone games, tap tap-keeping me here with each tap/movement.


Yh for sure that will be helpful. I’ve just started doing Qi Gong like 2 days ago and learning about the Dan Tien and meridians so your comment is very relevant to me.

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