Ecstatic experience - is my condition usual?

Ok, I had an ecstatic experience with the Allfather some few hours ago.
I never called for Allfather to let me feel him(since he’s the God of Ecstasy). It was he who called me to study and invited me into the experience.
(I think he doesn’t give up on me. After March 23th matter, I studied runes and kept reading a book about him. I thought he liked my exertions, and I’m certain about it now!)

The ‘feeling’ came when I was studying history.
So after I was done, I started studying the book about him, and through that process my soul was uplifted.
After I closed the book I was in complete ecstasy! I couldn’t think about other things, that I just sat still and began chanting the Elder Futhark.
Through chanting, I regressed through my past events, and moreover past lives - yes I know this might sound like I’m mad but it’s true!
I eventually saw one past life, in which I first encountered Odin, and then I had more ecstatic experience which I can’t tell anybody.
After I was finished(or rather broke) the ecstasy, I couldn’t control my breath and was exhausted. Yeah, time here was late night, but I was hungry and needed food as f–k.

Now I am recharged physically, but my soul seems to be floundering in the aftereffects of that ecstasy.
I’m feeling blank - maybe some sleep will make it better - and I don’t feel like I’m REALLY here in this world. I feel like my soul is still so stirred by that event.

Is my condition usual thing? Can my current restless state be recovered naturally?


Awesome, you made a true heart connection and made this deity return some of the power you gave it back to you. This is the way it should be, now you just have to add intention to that incoming energy and put it towards something you want in life. Definitely keep on with this one, it’s working great :slight_smile:

To recuperate, just sleep, your system will naturally accommodate the energy and settle back down.