Eating human meat and meditating in cremation grounds


That’s why one shall keep their spiritual life private.

Seaches Russian doll guy on google No useful results.

Searches Russian doll guy dead girls on google
Clicks on wikipedia link of Anatoly Moskvin That’s creepy!

BTW, what are some other ways to overcome my fear of dead bodies?


You can try EFT tapping, go to funerals and see dead body up close. If you have a cremation ground near by, befriend the undertaker and ask him if you could help bury to get over your fear of dead bodies. If you have a friend working in morgue, try to sneak in, but always be respectful of the dead bodies.

My personal credo is never disturb the dead, you never know how his/her life was, the dead body could have had horrible death or peaceful death. So it is better to leave them in peace.


Everyone, thanks for your responses and your precious time! :slightly_smiling_face:


Can always do it in Skrim first.


yaaaaaaaay :heart_eyes: this reminds me that I still need to complete the taste of death quest :joy: and many others :joy::joy::joy:


I think that eating something is the ultimate form of domination. When I get really angry, I get really vicious and I fantasise about tearing people’s throats out with my teeth or eating their hearts. Disclaimer, I won’t ever do that lol and it takes a lot for me to get that angry. I work for the dying and that regularly includes washing and positioning them after they have died. I can tell you that not all corpses are immediately empty vessels after death has occured, they usually kinda linger for a bit and I talk to them and treat them as if they are still with us. Maybe it would help if instead of looking at them as corpses, you look at them as humans. Are you scared of corpses or scared of death?


I want this done to me.


Don’t. Eating human flesh no matter how “fresh” is only going to bring you serious (as in, a slow and painful death) health issues. Read this for more info


eat human meat :confounded:


Are you even human haha?

I mean if you are gonna start eating human flesh you might as well go all the way to gain the full benefits.

I mean if I were to ever eat humans I would need to torture them and scare them to get a high from eating them. Human just taste like pork (I know right?). You could overcome this fear by having vivid lucid dreams or by being around the dead, eating them seems like a weird way to go about it.

But I dont really feel the need to consume death and disease on a regular basis. I only eat meat if Iḿ in the hospital or if its by accident.

Have you tried plants? They are much more alive and provide lots of high vibrational energy (who woulda thought right?).





Lets fry this up and have a taste. (Extra skin removal).


Physiologically, human Flesh is easier for humans to assimilate and requires less energy to extract nutrition


Sorry if this sounds naïve, but if you want to get over a fear, couldn’t you just conjure up will through invocation or evocation? That could be a bit too naïve, so maybe use a tarot deck and divine the reason why corpses freak you out? They freak me out too, but just as disease bags of grossness, not nightmare fuel. Put some distance between me and the soon-to-be rot bag and I’m good.

So divination. Once you have some ideas on what you need to do to brainwash yourself effectively, do some spell work, maybe with a Goetia spirit and ask for the strength to overcome, yade yade yade …


Fire up the bbq Purple, for tonight we feast. Tomorrow we dehydrate the rest and make human pork rinds.


Thin slices schnitzel style. When in doubt, use batter and deep fry.


Thank you for saving my dinner tonight, I almost gave up and was gonna order pizza :+1: :blush:


Death - No.
Corpses - Yes.


Hmmm, deadly diseases are a definitely a risk.

I think so… :laughing:

I’m not doing this for a high.

That’s what I eat all day! :joy:

Thanks for your input!


Just work with some Death Gods… You’ll find out that slowly you get over your fears.