Eating human meat and meditating in cremation grounds


Some say pigs are ancient genetically engineered from humans because they liked the taste of human, but wanted something that wasn’t.


Go for it, It’s subversive :slight_smile:


See this.


Pretty sure you’re just setting yourself up to get very sick. In order to do so safely, like others have said, you’d need fresh human meat, and unless you’re actually trying to risk prison and commit murder, well, good luck.


I’ve already watched that. :slightly_smiling_face:


Don’t do it. The eating human flesh part.
You don’t need to exhume a corpse illegally to overcome your fears.

Also, you are not the first person who came to that idea to their minds.

I wouldn’t be surprised if by exhumating the corpse, your brain tries to compensate the apprehension with necrophilia…It wouldn’t be the first time that has happened…Already known few cases.
Also, eating human flesh is dirty af and can give you lots of diseases.

There are million ways to overcome death that are much more death positive and healthy.
Oh, and remember, corpses are dead. A living person is more dangerous.


Nothing wrong in this. In certain Aghora tradition the Guru tears off certain amount of flesh from his body and offers it to the disciple to consume as transfer of Power from Guru to disciple and connecting him to the lineage.

Kinaram was initiated like this by none other than Dattatreya himself.

But still always keep a packet of Pudin hara in case shit gets real !!!


Have you ever eaten human meat?


I’ve come across adrenachrome once. The high was unpleasant and definately made me feel “unclean” it felt very strange. When adrenaline gets oxidized it turns pink this is adrenachrome or “pink adrenaline”. Thought about banging it, glad i didn’t. I drank 60 ccs and the rush was accompanied by a headache that lasted all day.

I imagine eating a corpse would be similiar, perhaps worse. From what ive read, eating human flesh induces maddness and addiction. I do not reccomend. But meditate in the crematorium. I use to live in a house right in front of one, with an old graveyard next to the house.

Nothing like walking home and smelling what you think is a bbq, then you see the smoke pluming out. Kind of gross. My house was infested with angry spirits. It was not a very fun time.

Bottom line i dont reccomend eating human flesh, and i only reccomend meditating in that environment if your ready for an infestation of spirits.

As i have experienced this can be very dangerous, proceed with EXTREME caution please.

I was awoken every night at exactly 3am and for an hour there would be very heavy activity. I would have spirits get right in my face, shit would grab me, and fed off of fear. I dont see any issue in this as long as you dont feed them the fear as they will try to induce it. Expext that.


Lol, make a guess. :sweat_smile:


Then people wonder why A&E is full…
Please, do not eat human flesh. :exploding_head:


I’m sure you haven’t. :laughing:

Don’t say please, :slightly_smiling_face: it’s not like I’m going to eat a corpse this weekend and I will seriously consider all the risks in this scenario before feasting on a corpse. BTW, thanks for showing concern about my health, I really appreciate it. :slightly_smiling_face:


It is part of my nature.
I don’t want you to be harmed.:persevere:


You know what? Do it.

As a magician, you could build up a symbolic representation of the corpse. Why not eat something else that represents the corpse?

Something is pushing you to entertain eating corpse parts. When I was kid I ate some of my hair. Lol.

You certainly aren’t hungry for corpse, you mentioned it, so maybe this is some unconscious drive? The mind often works symbolically, so why not do the same?

“Eat” corpse. Make a “Eating of the Corpse” symbolic ritual.

Maybe after performing the symbolic “eating of the corpse” often enough, you will discover what you need to know?