Easy Way to Get Your Own Legion of the Dead

So you want a legion of undead servitors to aid you. Perhaps you don’t feel comfortable asking your ancestors for menial tasks. Perhaps you don’t have enough time to go to the grave yard and record the names of the dead. Well, the solution is simple. Offer to and develop a relationship with the “forgotten dead”. These shades often times don’t have family around to remember them or perhaps their body hasn’t been discovered. Start offering to them and ask them to work with you. A simple glass of water a night will do the trick, and spirits like Baron Samedi or Azrael can provide you with a veve or sigil to contact them.


How do you prevent imposters? Or do you see imposters as unacquainted servitors ahahah

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How are undead servitors distinct from other servitors? What can they do that others can’t?

I hear necromancy can be quite taxing on someone’s energy. Is there truth to this? What are some effective methods to manage energy?

Studying and mastering energy work and storing energy. Vampirism couples Necromancy quite well.


Ok, I have to know now. Is there more info behind this?

I do live next to a graveyard, what should I expect?

What could I offer to a horde of ghouls that would make them follow me?

And a single sigil for a horde?


Pyschopomp spirits can acquaint you to the forgotten dead. They just like attention and you can offer them the energy of your enemies if you want to or even fruit and candy.


Ok, I suppose I will try to experiment on this

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I’m doing this.

@Baal The dead can do just about anything provided they have energy and they know how. They are especially adept at mind manipulation and baneful work.


Thank you!