Easy curses to kill someone?

Hello peops,
Ok so there is this cunt in my school who has been hurting me lately. Now i have no experience in cursing nor did I ever think of learning how to curse because I didnt think I would need it. But right now I think i need a easy curse that’ll just kill this dickhead QUICK…

Thank you guys


No curse with the potential to kill will ever be easy. The ritual could be simple, but the magick will be hard.


what do u mean by hard tho?

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Correct. Plus in my own opinion you will need a lot of rage and hate for that.


well how do you do one either way???

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Right - you are 14 years old and you want to kill someone’s child.
Your father has cancer you say. How does that make you feel? If he took a turn for the worse?
That is pretty much how that child’s parents would feel about losing their child.

Get back to your school work, or research President Marbas instead to help with your father’s health.

If you want to stop someone bothering you then search for Vovin’s Freezer spell.


fair point…

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Don’t do it.they will take someone you love in return


Why is death curse the first thing people seem to resort to these days? There’s a lot things you can do between nothing and death. Nightmares, bad luck, sickness, binding or even flatulence… Though baneful magic should always be carefully considered if its really needed and any magic can backfire


There’s just a lot of dickheads in this world today


I think in my own opinion, screwing up their life by means of putting a lot of chaos and pain to it while they’re being forced to be alive is much more worse and stronger than cursing them their death.


Be aware I have deep experience with this spell and after the first month the target got bullied and his friends including me abounded him, After half a year he had a crack head almost stabbing his ass as I forgot about this ritual and didn’t have any intuition or hatred towards him anymore, He had his focus on him specifically where he had so many choices to choose in the street, I felt sorry for the guy as now he can’t seems to find his way back to socialize he got beaten up and bullied too, why I did it? Because of my sister and what he did to her you don’t wanna know he truly deserve that shit.

Don’t use this spell unless you really hate someone consistency is the key. Upgrade your defenses please it’s a dangerous ass spell that will trigger his spiritual allies into action. Here we go

It is to be used only against one’s most dangerous enemies. When cast once, it causes its victim to suffer three days of traumatizing/immense physical pain and nightmares. If cast twice on a victim, the victim will be injured severely.
You will need the following items for this spell:

1 Black Candle
Picture(photo)of enemy
Mental Concentration

Casting Instructions for ‘Three Nights of Hell’
Take a black candle and place a picture of thine enemy in front of thee and tilt the candle so the wax drips upon the would-be-victim in the picture. Visualize the wax burning sores into the body of thine enemy. While doing so, recite the following incantation three times:

As I do this candle spell, Bring mine enemy three nights of hell, Candle black, black as night, Bring him (or her)pains of flesh tonight! Lesions (or Legions)on his (or her) skin will grow Afflict him (or her) with a painful blow Sores and pain afflict him (or her) now, For three nights he (or she)will wonder how, Dukes of darkness, Kings of Hell, Smite mine enemy, bring him (or her) hell, Within three nights of pain have passed, Make him (or her) well, well at last!

Finishing instructions: After sitting and thinking about the sores that this will inflict on thine enemy and the pain he (or she) will suffer, thou may extinguish the candle. When three nights have passed, tear up the photo and say the following incantation:

When three nights of pain endured, I lift this curse, rest assured. Darkness leave him (or her), go away; The curse is lifted now, today!

Final note of advice: Use the pronouns him or her depending on gender of enemy. If one wishes to kill his or her enemy, youll need three different photos of the particular victim to cast the spell three times. For a person to die from this spell, this curse must be cast on that person three or more times in the same month.


MMMMM curse number 1
Will put that into consideration! Thank you

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That is assuming that whomever you curse actually deserves a curse.
Does the person who cuts you up in traffic to get to a hospital appointment but gives you the bird when you yell at him or her, deserve a curse? Some here think so.

Have I cursed the person who left my friend for dead by the side of the road in a hit and run - no, no I haven’t - what??? Shock horror, that should be a death curse at least…

No, I want that person to go and hand themselves in to police, let them deal with this individual in the mundane; I have called upon greater forces to resolve this in other worlds. I don’t have that level of say to dictate to the entities HOW they should deal with this cretin. It will happen, I will concentrate my energies on my friend returning and becoming well and more powerful. I think that my friend sitting in court and facing the person who almost killed him will be enough torture for the person to have sufficient rope…


good point

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thats why I’m thinking of not doing the curse

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honestly what is a good reason to curse someone


this person that I wanna curse. he deserves a bad life more then death

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You’re young man be aware of what you’re doing you need to understand everything in life will have consequences, You need to be careful this shit is not a toy or a video game do research and divination and please oh hell to god protect your self. I’ve experienced some fucked up visitors astrally and had many interactions with some fucked up shit so I’m not as scared I find it natural now as I’m not the naive rookie I was before, Also in my opinion a good reason to curse someone is if he is abusive.
But seriously abusive I’m not talking about childish insults but rather physically or threatening you in any way.


Understood. But oh i’m not scared of much

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