EAs Interview with Zeraphina Angelus - A Wholesome Conversation

So, I’m not sure how many of you are actively following EA’s channel on Odysee but he recently posted a three part interview with his fiancee Zeraphina about money magick and his new book on money magick, and I found the whole thing quite wholesome and interesting to listen to. I’m going to post them below, but I want to go into why I think his move to Odysee has honestly been one of the best things for BALG. When EA was on youtube, I checked in to his livestreams every now and then, but I find myself checking in on a regular basis now…and I think the reason is because he’s around a different, more dedicated crowd of occultists. Because of this, he can almost riff off of them as they tend to contribute more and ask better questions that EA can give better responses to.

Part of the problem with interesting things like occultism becoming popular is that it opens the floodgates to the uninitiated, and frankly, the stupid. When the masses come, they bring their money which helps the activity grow, sure. They bring the mass consciousness that allows for mainstream acceptance of the activity, sure. But they also bring their idiocy. Its the same idiocy that led to EA getting booted off of youtube to begin with…some idiot thinking he had to do harm to innocent folks to acquire wealth. The same idiocy which constantly derailed EA’s livestreams with silly questions about reptilian sleeper-cells taking orders beamed to them from Nibiru. None of that occurs anymore, and its primarily because the youtube crowd is gone, and only the serious are left…and I find that it leads to great, wholesome conversations like the one I’ve posted below.

So yeah, I’m loving the new EA (or really, I should say the old EA being given permission to be himself again) and I hope you all subscribe to his channel on Odysee. I only really check Odysee for EA, as I do prefer Youtube as a platform…but EA’s recent videos make checking Odysee just for him worth it. So enjoy the following three part interview:

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:


So totally awesome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
it’s the perfect couple


Maybe, it’s just for me, but videos don’t play and clicking
on the each link shows a black screen.

Zeraphina Angelus is very beautiful and intelligent.


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I’m happy about his move to odysee as well. I tune in every wednesday as bladeandcloak and try to never miss a show. His words are so encouraging and helpful as I continue the gatekeeper pathworking.

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I suggest you try a different browser, up update the one you have?

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I bonged these videos and i learned a lot.

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