Earth Elemental that looks like a Goat

Without going into specifics; I recently performed a ritual to create a “money pot”. Essentially it’s a pot filled with dirt that the magician then “activates”.

When performing the ritual, I presented the pot to the direction of North. I then asked Ghob (elemental king of Earth) to allow one of his elementals to use the pot as a vessel to assist in my working.

As part of the ritual, I then asked the elemental to “show its form to me so that I may know it’s face”. I then got an image of a goat-faced dwarf coming out of the pot. More specifically, it looked like a dwarf version of the Faun from the movie Pan’s Labyrinth.

I’ve been trying to figure out what sort of spirit it is. Has anyone had any similar experiences?

Thanks in advance!

I think you got exactly what you asked for. :smiley:

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