E.A.'s latest video - Angels as Egregores?!?!

“Angels are basically created thoughtforms, or egregores. Entities that are created from the belief and faith of humans. They didn’t exist prior to humans. And then fed by prayer and worship.”

Is this really true?!?!

Maybe, but I doubt it. How would EA know if these beings were created or discovered? Also this sort of blanket statement makes we want to know what exactly EA is defining as an Angel? Angels and Archangels probably, what what about the Enochian Angels, by all accounts these beings were discovered, and this has been well documented. So what is the definition of Angel in the context of his statement?

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I would argue that if Demons were simply God’s of old, renamed into the ‘bad guys’, then why aren’t the Abrahamic angels simply other God’s of Old, renamed into the ‘good guys’.

Logically, as soon as the Egyptians mandated Amen-Ra worship as the ‘official’ spiritual channel by Akanaten, the first cough Abrahamic form of monotheism, many of the other traditional deities were ‘downgraded’.

We all know the Abrahamics stole scores from Sumeria, Egypt, Assyria, the Druids, etc, but I’d argue they weren’t the first to create monotheism and simply ‘downgrade’ other Gods into angels, this was clearly done in Egypt.

Perhaps they weren’t specifically called ‘angels’ outside of the Yahwistic circles, however the status of ‘messengers of God’ was essentially the same.

Here’s some interesting correspondences to mull over:


Based on my experience, no, maybe humans have influenced how these beings manifest. But imo the angels are the same sort of entities as demons but are just wired a little differently.

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Angels seem to be ever-expanding forces, selfless for they cant keep a shape in order to keep an ego. If you want to feel like an angel, invoke the passive aspect of spirit, then invoke Jupiter or Venus energy (no, dont do this, its dangerous). You’ll become resistless and in an intense ecstasy. Thats how a angel is, a spirit of ecstasy, carrying a certain pattern of information and energy.

I wouldnt say they are mere thoughtforms though, they seem very sentient beings, in their own particular way. Their conscioussness come from the God, being the God of Heavens or the Inner God of the Magician, which is pretty much the same thing, but in another dimension of existence. Thats why you can actually command angels to do your bidding instead of petitioning them, as long as you can both resist their ecstatic presense and be firm to them, commanding them through your Inner God.

Also, angels and demons seem to be aspects of the very same thing, but in different dimensions of the human awareness. I note for example that Shem Angels are BRIDGES to Cosmic forces, whereas Goetic Spirits are responsible for anchoring those forces in the plane of matter - perhaps just on this planet or Solar System, and not on the whole material Universe - , for due to their subtle nature, those forces cant reach this plane on their own.

In that video, he said the ones that were created were susceptible to being controlled. The other ones, not so much. Makes sense to me.

In that video, he said the ones that were created were susceptible to being controlled. The other ones, not so much. Makes sense to me.[/quote]

I was talking about Angels,as in the context of this thread. EA was referring specifically to Demons when he made that statement I believe.

I guess I could understand what EA is saying. Because the fact that we believe Angels to have existed before humanity is an idea that Christians point out. Even in the bible, but in that same sense I am no longer apart of a monotheistic religion so why would I have the same beliefs, including angels existing before humanity.

It kind of(to me) sounds like one can compare what EA is saying about the angels and other God to that of Greek mythology. For example if you stopped worshipping/praying to any of the Greek God’s, they lose their immortality and God-like power. But even all this aside, I will still end up doing my own investigations on this subject.

Screw the labels. He said the idea of “demons” came from the Abrahamic religions. Same entities, just people calling them by different labels.

I couldn’t accept Angels as simply Egregores!

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Illustrious, Would you care to give an explanation as to why?

In a way, everything is an Egregore, as we are all one. However, I don’t feel that with my current level of understanding, that Angels were created by mankind. I feel that along with Demons, such as the Goetic demons, they are just as ancient as any other entity that existed long before us.

Theres quite complex approach to the matter. IMO Angels are “automatas” from the Archonsphere. It means, theres no such thing as “angels” outside the Archontic realm. Theres only “interphase” of connection with humans. No more, no less. This doesnt mean that the “ingredients” of the body of an angel is not part of an egregorized structure. But is just my opinion, and mine only.

But other option would be if angles are egregores, or thoughtforms, who “thought” them in order to create them instead?..

I would think they were “thought” and thus created by whosoever the ‘intelligence’ is that we reside in; the intelligence known as the ‘universe’

Nice try? This isn’t a contest bud? I told you what I thought, I’m not looking for pontification as to what person A or B thinks is the ‘right’ answer…

This may not be exactly on topic- it does kinda dovetail. As a Formon (former mormon) i have long been convinced- decades before I was kicked out for being a ‘Serious Threat to the Church" that the book of mormon, is an actual Demonic Grimoire. i am convinced the the plates "An Angel " brought me and told me were the plates it was translated from- if actually translated by an actual linguist type- would have been anything but what has been called the book of mormon. one of my facts is this- for about 90% or the so called ‘Translation’- the plates were not with him and if they were they were covered- and even though he had the Urim and thummim- he almost never used them but instead used his face buried in a hat with a stone in the bottom. i am convinced the entire "Christian bent’ of the book is a deception in order to dumb down a huge segment of people into another authority ch yoke of oppression(btw; did you know the original Priesthood garment- which looks nothing like the undies rags they got now had a full collar which was called “The Yoke”?- I wore then for nearly 2 decades and i can attest to the 'enslavement and beast of burden they turn you into) I really wish EA could dig into all that because I am sure if he did he would reveal stuff that if let out would send mormons screaming out of utah like it had a plague- which it does. The book is always talking aboout 'evil secret books which when found ‘by the righteous’ are always buried back in the earth so noone will find them— gee; where does that story sound familiar from? but- having been engaged by mormon angels- as wel las demons- the one thing i have learned to do is not trust the angels and regret sending the demons packing; and I am doing everything i can to get them back into my life.

Lol what’d you do to have such a lovely title as being a serious threat? Awesome!

“Nice Try” for me is an expression of “good approach”, “necesssary approach but not enough explanation”. Your basic problem on my answer is NOT READ the information. Some people are reluctant to research and find more answers. Pontification is your approach. I keep that opinion.The reason is simple, If you really wanna know, you should research on old books, new books, magick books. You are expecting a “Yes, its true” or “No, this not true” or just “maybe”. The way you “ask” defines the way you research ( it means, SEEMS TO BE, u dont research a fuck ). You stay stucked on the WAY a person answer you, more than the content. Read my answer and RESEARCH if you want to know something else, if not, its ok.

I dont really care anyway…

Well…if u cannot accept that its ok
Some Mage said on a book, “The worst curse u can blame on other is to make them persist on their beliefs”

Lol, does it really matter in practical application if I ‘believe’ Angels to be egregores or otherwise?

Give yourself a clap for holding superior beliefs! It doesn’t matter if it’s completely superfluous eh?