E.A’s blue ray question

So, I really want to start using the ’blue ray’ technique EA shows on his YouTube channel, but I can’t for live or money find an indigo candle anywhere locally and ordering them to where I live is expensive and time-consuming.

Is it possible to use another candle colour? Or should I just nut up and pay the shipping costs?

Or try something else entirely?


I just use a dark blue, works fine as far as I can tell because there is still massive pressure directly behind the third eye area.


Any blue will work really, so will white. Apply a little extra intention that this candle will align with the energy of the mental realms.

Technically you can also imagine a candle and not buy one at all.

Or use any old candle you can find of any colour and override the meaning of the colour with your will or ignore it and focus on the blue in the flame.


The candle is to help guide the mind, but indeed i have had great results just imagining the candle. Afterall everything appearing physical is just a reflection on your minds past thoughts. Create your own reality with the thoughts you choose to think.

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Thanks everyone!

Any blue candle will work just fine. Dark blue or baby blue is good.

In the Soul Travel course, EA talks about using a blueberry scented candle for the exercise, so I agree with what is said above that any dark blue candle will suffice.

Actual indigo candles are extremely hard to find. Most of those sold online or in shops as indigo tend to be more purple than blue.

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There are also different shades of Indigo: some tending more towards violet, others tending more towards dark blue. Follow your bliss, because as with everything in magic: intention is everything.


Here’s another thought. I wonder if this mantra could help while gazing at a sigil to help calm your mind? In addition to the daily meditation

Yeah indigo candles are a pain to find. Even here in Jersey you figure the Santeria shops would carry them and the ones I’ve found are just coated. Maybe try Wish app I’ve seen some pretty cool occult stuff on there