E.A Koetting books and courses

Those of you who watched his courses and read his books…Are they worth something? Are the results high and powerful? Do the books and courses justify their high prices?

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I have most of the books and courses available from BALG, as far as the authenticity of the courses go I’ll vouch for them. The thing about the courses you cannot go into them half heartedly, meaning you have to to commit to the material and use it consistently, only then will the results come to you.

An example might be in order, I’ve just learned to soul travel when I am walking, talking or doing something. The ability for me to do that only came after doing the exercises that was given for about a month, it might be shorter for you. And it has taken when looking not much time at all to advance into where I am will soon begin my journey to the astral plane. The results are pretty intense as it at times when traveling feels as if I have more or less teleported to location. You can actually feel like you’re being pulled back almost like it happened with a bungee line, back into your body at least here on the physical plane, and the separating when leaving.

As far as his books go, I can only testify to the Book of Azazel, the spirits and the methods in contains really do work, the spirits come when called. It’s really useful and not only that is has many forms of development which a budding sorcerer needs not excluding more advanced sorcerers and witches.

As for the soul travel course regarding the price, it’s worth it.

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I have all of EA’s books, and work with them almost exclusively. Yes, they are worth it, in my opinion, because they take the dogma out of ceremonial magick. They also offer a great look into the evolution of a magician, as they describe EA’s journey with anecdotes and personal examples of what he is talking about. Evoking Eternity is probably the simplest explanation of evocation I have ever read, and also covers the nuances such as evoking more than one spirit at a time, working with more than one Operator, and evoking legions, something other books, like Summoning Spirits by Konstantinos, do not cover. Works of Darkness provides one of the best primers for the basics of Black Magick without leaning towards a specific path like Satanism or Luciferianism, or trying to be all evil and edgy. Questing After Visions is the only book I have found that goes into the specifics of visions, how to tell a real vision from a hallucination, the mind states involved, how to bring visions forth, and even working with dreams. Ipsissimus is one of my favourites because it goes into Ascent directly, and talks about EA’s journey with his mentors.

I also have the Divination, Evocation, and Soul Travel courses. Again, i feel they are very much worth the cost, but, as with everything, you will get out of them only what you put in. If you don’t do the exercises or rituals in them, you won’t accomplish much. They are easy to follow, but that doesn’t mean they are easy to do.


If you use the material and really work with it then its worth it but If you dont commit to use it and take it to you then no then it is only a cool thing to have in the bookshelf.
I have many of the books and some of the courses, havent worked through it all but found the site 1 year ago and buy materials that i want when i can even If i willing use it right now.
Good stuff

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How about kingdoms of flames? Have you had results?

Yes. i use the beings from KoF all the time, which is why I always recommend them on the forum.

Most recently I used Acheron, the Angel of Influence.

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