During chakra reconstruction, someone gave me a scare. now everyone is afraid of me

Oh boy, where do I begin.

Regular chakra system, I did no like. Felt chained to people around me, it was hard to have individual thoughts, felt very limited and plugged in to the matrix.
So I sought to get rid of them. Which I did improperly.

Now I followed a post here for powerful chakra recreation and I made a very stupid mistake.
For one, I was listening to a subliminal to purge subconscious negativity.
And also, someone frightened me in the middle of my chakra recreation.
And now wherever I go, especially if I’m high on prana people are afraid of me.

How can I correct this mistake?
I just want to unify my chakras into one core star or perhaps merge them with the planets.

Can anyone help me?

Positive lessons learned from my reconstruction: uniting solar plexus and heart chakra was a very good decision.
Up and downward facing chakras rather than forward facing is good for individuality and affected less by others, more effective connection to source and grounding.


So…why not redo the chakra reconstruction?

I like your alchemy , people teach to merge chakras on here aswell ? I’ve learned it from another source , it’s very powerful

I’m doing a subliminal for purging subconscious negativity, fear, shame, guilt, and anger and let go of the past.
It’ll be another 5-10 days before I’ll be normal enough to do a chakra reconstruction.

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Might you be able to link or share some of this information on unifying chakras?
Sincerely appreciate the compliment.
It showed immediate results… before, my energy system was likely so fucked up from entities and mistakes in energy work, I became my environment.
The thoughts, emotions, and everything of others became mine. The environment around me became me. It was extremely synchronistic and tested me like crazy. Not fun, wouldn’t reccomend it.

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Sadly I was told I can’t , but seems your on the right path , as for the environment thing , keep working on your solar plexus , it’s attached to your mind

I don’t work with chakras, but at some point this became my reality. It can make you feel crazy or like you’re being watched by some organization that’s messing with everything you interact with because literally every single thing is somehow synchronistic (like your name is to me), but you get used to it.

If you can learn to be cool and flow with it, it is an extremely powerful state of being.

If the environment is a reflection of you, and the people around you are afraid of you, is it not the case that you are afraid of them? Maybe not, maybe you’re just menacing. But why be menacing towards something if you have nothing to fear?

Go with love, and love shall be the world’s. Go in hatred, and the world burns around you.
Go in fear, and your enemies will strike you down. Go with ease, and all shall come to you without effort.

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It’s because anything that has energy is conscious , so when we observe and give something our attention it’s reflected back to us for example I was getting discouraged with life and today I just got in my car drive somewhere to visualize , and as soon as i was about to start the song dream on played on the radio

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I believe this is similar to 5D. It’s totally so powerful, it takes some real letting go of control and resistance for it to stay like this and also it can start and stop randomly.
Example, I took 3 wrong turns today because I felt guided to drive somewhere without GPS
And each wrong turn led to me seeing the word “Michael”, like the archangel I’ve been working with. Along with 111, 333, and 444.
My uncle tried to tell me angels aren’t real, so I tried to spend one day not believing just to try to be “normal” then of course this happens lol.

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Also, your quote and perspective makes total sense man… I do feel fear towards many people, guess it’s just because I feel their low vibes and I’m so used to taking them on as an empath.
Still learning to work my path as an empath. It makes life quite different.

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Powerful story :slight_smile: @Aumighty What did you do to reach that level?

@shinri, how did you reach that level without chakra work.

I am asking because I have been doing energy work religiously for some while, with a drop of Vipassana meditation without really tangible results.

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It’s been like this for a while, but I want to say it really started after I worked pretty intensively with the angels over a several month period. I was doing like three rituals a day, at least two of which were fairly involved and lengthy. My focus was inner alchemy, along with some very long-term outer results. It was more-or-less a “magickal retreat” like what you can find for meditation. I like to think of it as that time when I climbed to the top of the proverbial mountain and came back a little more enlightened.

I can’t really speak to the various yogic systems that center around the chakras, but if you find that work appealing I would imagine that best results would come from working with a guru (or book by a good teacher) experienced with kundalini and who goes into great depth about each chakra, its associations, spirits connected to each, basically much more than just “move energy around the colorful balls until something happens and also here’s a mantra.”

Vipassana meditation is effective, but generally it is known as being much slower than the methods of Vajrayana Buddhism, which is essentially Buddhist magick. Vipassana has its advantages too, but speed and manifestation are not among them. It’s just a lot harder to go crazy with vipassana since it’s more gradual (from what I know, at least, I’m probably over-generalizing).

If you’re curious about specifics for the work I did, I was primarily using four books - Archangels of Magick, The 72 Angels of Magick, and Angels of Alchemy all by Damon Brand, and The 72 Sigils of Power by Zanna Blaise. There are also three very important rituals on the Gallery’s website - The Identity Ritual, which is what really got things moving (and how I concluded the work), The Ritual for Greater Magick Power, and The Unfreezing Ritual, which I performed directly after the Identity Ritual, targeting my self (which I only recommend if you are really serious about the work and can give a lot of your time to it, and can stomach the side-effects of destroying your sense of self).

If you seek to go through such a journey, you should know that most of the time will likely be spent without “tangible” results in the material world. The magick will immediately and continually have an effect on your mind, and by the end of the process you will have been completely transformed, in both a mundane personality sense and a more mystical sense, but while you are in the midst of things it can be difficult to realize what is happening and to see the bigger picture that the angels see. Like I said, vipassana may be slower, but the chances of going a little crazy (or a lot crazy) tend to be much greater with magick, especially with this kind of work. If you can stomach the risk, though, the rewards are just as if not so much greater.

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Dropping resistance is probably the most difficult part. I think it’s important to remember that you are still in control of the process through magick, but to allow the spirits that you have called to do what you called them to do.

There was once a time when I felt an extremely strong urge to take a trip somewhere. I didn’t know where, and I certainly didn’t know why, but the urge was very strong and I listened to it. I’d have to look over my journals, but all-in-all I think I stayed in this little town for around a week, doing magick and just wondering around. On the drive back there was this moment where something shifted and I could extend my consciousness into anything and anyone around me. I remained in this heightened state until I got home. That was probably the strangest week of my existence, and I’ve had some pretty fuckin strange weeks.

Thanks @shinri

I think this gives some perspective on the necessary time an effort :slight_smile: Will look into that.

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I feel that I should also mention that the second working from Wealth Magick, The Omnipotence Transformation, is also very important. I do not think this is a necessary ritual if your aim is solely to achieve spiritual illumination, but if you want to bring the power that you gain into the material world in a much more concrete way, this is a ritual that you should not overlook.

It has been around two years since I performed the ritual, and in about a year’s time I expect to receive a huge increase in my income in a way that I was nowhere close to expecting at the time. I have received little in the way of short-term cash, but in making a pact with these angels, a path has opened before me that leads to a wealthy life.

Some believe that this is a gross misuse of angelic power, and that seeking such a life is unspiritual. I believe it is far more spiritual to use the power of magick which we are so blessed to have to spread the fires of increase and prosperity through our lives into the world around us. I believe this is our sacred right - to make ourselves mighty with the power of magick.

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