Go with might, and the Seas and the Land and the Sky and the Heavens are yours to claim. - A few sayings of Haaiah

I was looking through some of earlier communications with the Haaiah, the 26th Shem angel, and thought that some may find value in this wisdom. To note, Haaiah has the power to “Obtain Wealth through Knowledge,” the description of this power being: “For people who work in industries such as trading stocks or investing, this is the angel of choice as it can reveal knowledge that is not widely known, through intuition.” Clearly, the angel can reveal a bit more than good investment choices.

Haaiah said the following unto me, with spacing added for clarity:

"Go forth and help the world, for in this way you help yourself as well. Go in peace, and peace will follow in your wake.

Go with love, and love shall be the world’s. Go in hatred, and the world burns around you.

Go in fear, and your enemies will strike you down. Go with ease, and all shall come to you without effort.

Go in strength, and the world gives way to your Will. Go in happiness, and there will be smiles all around. Go in anguish, and there will be mass suffering.

Go quietly, and none will be disturbed. Go with force, and resistance will rise to meet you. Go without, and nothing will give way.

Go with hope, and you will find disappointment. Go with knowledge, and you will find what you seek.

Go without hesitation, and the world will fall into your hands. Go with trepidation, and the world will approach you in the same way.

Go with might, and the Seas and the Land and the Sky and the Heavens are yours to claim. Go without, and you shall perish."

A few more words, from the same message:

"There is great power here [in this meditation], but great power comes at a price. You must be changed beyond all recognition. You must see the world as we do if you wish to become like us. You must adopt an angelic perspective on matters in this material world.

If you view things as a human does, then a human you shall remain. This is not your true potential, and I know that you realize this as well. Remove the shackles that hold you back from the power that is already yours. If you do not, it may remain closed off to you for a long time.

The situations required to bring a person to this threshold take many years for us to craft. This is not an obstacle to us, for we are patient indeed. Humans, not as much. You would die anyways, for we do not return when our offers such as these are rejected. You are being shown keys to great power that most of humanity cannot be allowed to have, for they would destroy themselves and their worlds.

You may remain shackled to the rules and standards of the society that you have grown up in, or you may take on a wider perspective. The choice is yours to make, and not ours. We will only help so much until you are firm in your resolve.

Do not be afraid. You may choose to listen to the deaf and the blind if you so wish, we will not stop you, but I invite you to step into greatness. We cannot and would not lie to you. It is counter to our very nature and the nature of Divinity."

I asked the angel how I may show my resolve to the path:

"Destroy your self. Do not hold back. Lose yourself completely in the rituals, and trust that we shall rebuild you in our glorious image. That will suffice.

There will be a time of disillusionment and despair before you fully assume your new identity. Persevere through this, and there will be great reward. Your very being will embody archangelic power, and you will be an open gate and conduit of power into this world."

You too may step into this power, should you have no fear of losing that which is not for a time. You may want to have some money set aside, however, as when the microcosm is reduced to dust, so too is the macrocosm, until one finds the true gold that lies within the rubble. From there, a new foundation may be built, a foundation that is pure and true, free from the old illusions and toxicities.

I would like to warn you as well, that what at first glimpse appears to be gold may be but pyrite, and what seems to be the totality of the being, may be but a shard of the entirety. Only by reaching the threshold of its becoming, may you realize that a greater perspective is needed, though eventually a choice must be made, and the inner united with the outer.

If you don’t care much for snooty esoteric rambling, I can give some more concrete examples, though for those who are actually doing the work and undergoing spiritual transformation, putting things in a more abstract manner makes them more easily applied to everyone’s own unique situation.

Peace be with you friends, within and without.


Any brief message for my current situation man?
I hate to turn you into Mr. Channeler but I felt guided to ask lol


I’m happy to help, but it’d be helpful if you could elaborate a bit on anything you’re having trouble with or pondering as of late. Feel free to PM if you’d rather be more private, though if you don’t mind, I find that often people tend to be experiencing similar vibes when they’re connected through a community of some sort. Things like astrological currents affect everyone too, so what’s relevant to your situation may be surprisingly related to others’ as well.

Don’t worry about conveying the right info btw, that should happen naturally if there’s anything I could help out with. Just write freely, whatever comes to mind. That’s what I do for my magickal journal entries as well, and I find that doing so helps me pick out patterns and hints of what I’m working towards at the time. Perhaps this may be helpful then, as this seemed good to write about haha.

If you don’t already, I highly, highly recommend that you keep a journal of some sort. For every ritual I perform, I have a section for “Time and Date,” “Ritual,” Discussion," and “Results.” The first is self-explanatory. The second section is for noting what the ritual was (eg. what spirit was called, was it a basic calling/sigil magick, invocation, or evocation, a meditation/pathworking, etc) as well as the specific wording of the request, if applicable.

In the third section, I’ll record my thoughts prior to performing the working. Why am I performing the ritual, what’s on my mind, what am I hoping to accomplish, etc. If the ritual is a part of a larger overall plan, involving more than just one ritual or spirit, I will briefly mention what I have already done and what I plan to do, as well as briefly explaining my reasoning. This section can be as short as a paragraph or a few sentences, or as long as several pages, depending on the situation.

The fourth section is where I will record any results that I observe. When my desire manifests, I will make a note of what happened for future reference, although if the ritual is a part of a sequence of other workings I may record results in the discussion section of another entry as the situation evolves, especially if the result I am seeking is wisdom or advice. Nowadays I will mostly use this section to record any important pieces of feedback I receive from the spirit(s), or any visions that I receive. This information may come during the ritual itself, or in the days and weeks that follow. More than likely, it will be both.

For workings that I perform over several days, I will continue writing in the Results section, marking the date each new day. I’ll then record any thoughts I have prior to the ritual and after, just like before, with some extra space between the two to remind myself what was written before and after the performance.

Like I said before, this does not need to be complicated, and you’ll get a lot of benefit even just from writing down (or typing, like I do) what rituals you perform and a few brief notes as to why you’re doing it. I like being able to see all my recent entries in the folder, as it reminds me of what I’ve been doing. I’ll also take a look through the entries every month or so when I organize the files, to see where I’ve been, and potentially glean where I am going.

Sometimes I’ll even just write down thoughts that I’m having for the day, even if I don’t perform a ritual. I find that writing down my thoughts not only helps out future-me when I look back over them, but helps me to develop and clarify my thinking in the present. If they’re all stuck in your head, it can be difficult to organize them coherently, or to try and solve a problem you’re working on.

This technique is also quite handy when you have several different options that you could choose from, but you’re not sure which is best or why. Writing things down can help you weigh the pros and cons of every choice more clearly, as everything is in front of you, leaving you more mental space to think, in a sense. “Cognitive Offloading,” as it’s called.

I hope that was helpful to you, or should I say, I know that was helpful to you :smile:

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