Dumb question

But is it ethical to curse someone to have something temporary and uncomfortable like a hemorrhoid?


Considering the section on baneful magick that I think has gone as far as wiping out whole families I would say any ethical concerns you have should be something you yourself evaluate from what it means to you and your own beliefs.


I second what @anon47923162 said.

It is only your ethics you should be concerned about. If it bothers you, don’t do it. If it doesn’t, have at it.

We have people on here that will curse because a person looked at them funny, or who will destroy a former lover’s life in a strange attempt to get them to return. Hemorrhoids are nothing compared to that kind of behavior :man_shrugging:


I would perform some Tarot based divination such as the technique employed by E.A. and see what the cards hold for potential baneful work that you have in mind. Is going baneful ethical it is entirely up to the operator. There are many threads on this site dealing with baneful castings check out this link which might give you some ideas.

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Ethics? Hardly a concept worth debating since it is full of holes. Perception alters what is acceptable.

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It might not be ethical, but the premise is so fucking hilarious that it cannot be entirely unethical, lol.

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