Baneful Magick Backlash?

To preface: After reading into and sorting through all of the occult literature I could for 4 years i’ve come to know and focus on what I deem to be my interests and my own paths so that when beginning to practice what I have learned (as I have begun to do so) I can go in with a decent base of knowledge as to, at least, what to do and what I can expect.

However, when it comes to Baneful Magick I am somewhat torn on what to do, or rather the supposed consequences. To take a line from Clavicula Nox, “As he loved cursing, so let it come unto him: as he delighted not in blessing, so let it be far from him.” Combine this with the Male and Female energy aspects of Hermeticism and some subconscious work and I then get wrapped up in the Karma or No Karma argument. X Paths and information say one should not do Baneful Magick due to repercussions, Y Paths and information say it is okay etc. etc. etc.

So, my question is, especially to those who have performed baneful magick, is there a sort of backlash that can occur from this? Does it need to be done in moderation? If there can be a backlash how can I prevent this? Or do your workings/paths simply not worry about repercussions or backlash of any sorts (Karma)? Why do I ask this? Well I bet you can guess that I am considering some baneful magick at the moment. . .

If you’re considering baneful magick, my first point is that you reconsider. There are usually simpler and less vile ways of dealing with problems than an all out curse. Is someone bothering you and you can’t get rid of them? Cast a binding ritual on them. Has someone stolen the love of your life? Cast a reverse love spell on him so that he feels no emotional connection with her. Did someone steal from you? Do a money ritual to supplant to the loss.

If you think a curse is the only way to go then make sure you do some form of divination before hand to let you know how the results will go and if you are willing to accept the consequences. I make it my practice to do divination before each of my rituals and spells. I use the I Ching, you can do the whole thing online and Lady Eva uses the Book of Fate which is also available online. Both are very simple and easy ways of divination and very good for beginners who may not have a lot of scrying capabilities.

At any rate, beyond that, keep yourself protected after. E. A. Koetting talks about a ritual he does once a month where he visualizes himself breathing in light and as he continues to breathe, light continues to fill his body. He does this until his entire body is luminous with the light. Then, he grabs a bowl of water and using his intention puts all the light from his body into the water. And then, he sprinkles the water around his house especially in the corners. And similarly, if he’s on the defensive against an entity sent to kill him, he gets to the part where his entire body is luminous with light and then he extends his arm and using his intention, visualizes it blasting out of his hand like a kameha.

That is awesome sounding.

I see so many people here discussing such things with positive results that i’m too intrigued not to look into it, especially a ritual given by S. Ben Qaiun in Qliphoth IV

Never hear me say “don’t do magic” or “don’t curse people” I’m just a fan of thinking through your actions and not being trigger happy with people’s lives. If someone is legitimately in your way and nothing will move them then curse away. But, again, we are black magicians, you don’t have to listen to crap that I say. :slight_smile:

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If you feel any guilt whatsoever, then that can invite backlash in my experience, but otherwise, no.

By “guilt” mean that awful feeling of horror at oneself, combined with shame, dislike of the self you were when you did it, stuff like that - simple regret or “oops” isn’t the same thing.

In my experience.

So you need to really flex your insight and know your own mind, values, and reasoning before issuing a curse, as a genuine feeling of guilt is about the only thing that can return bad energy to you.

I use the word “values” to mean the things you aspire towards, value in some way, and which you find matter to you, as opposed to terms like “ethics” or “morality” which are usually about the things we try to avoid.

Does it need to be done in moderation?

Depends, there are often easier ways to get what you want from people and life in general, ways to turn bad situations to your advantage even, but sometimes a curse IS the only way.

I don’t talk much about baneful or defensive magick but I did put most of my personal philosophy about it in this post, for whatever it’s worth.