Duke sallos, orgasm


If I petition duke sallos to have an orgasm, does it will work ?

ummm what?
You need to read on Daemons, jeez people.


I have already read that, and probably all the post about duke sallos here. What do you want me to understand ?
You want me to understand that I have to communicate with him and ask him ? I’m not able to communicate…

does I have to understand that demon is not just sex, dark, and etc ?
I don’t ask that it was him who give me it too x) I have a boyfriend…

maybe you want to said that duke sallos is just about relationship ?

@[email protected] I don’t understand what i’m suppose to understand ?

You want to petition Duke Sallos to have an orgasm himself?

That’s interesting. I wonder how higher demons react when we ask them to cum for us.


Noo not in this way xD my english is really bad I think…
I want to have an orgasm. With my boyfriend i suppose, or alone. So to have great sex? X)
sex is still good without orgasm, buut i want to have one before I die if I can xD


Ok I can think of reasons for not having orgasm with your boyfriend… but why you can’t have orgasm alone ? You don’t need Duke Sallos for that… but you can petition him or just ask… chant his enn and think of what you want. I’m not an expert in working with spirits but from what I read here, I believe that should do it. Don’t forget to thank him and give him some good offerings when… it happens :slight_smile:

If you want more than than that I guess evocation would be best. There are simple ways to do that, you can search the forum and find many techniques to choose from. Good luck

Are u even friends with him. Jeez that’s not how that works.

I would recommend u to Lilith, but u’ll have plenty of reading to do b4 she reaches out to u. Alternatively, u can get a vibrator and set it to max. U’ll orgasm in less than 5min if u have a good one. Good luck!


Oh, everything is okay with my bf x) I’m sure the problem is not really from there.
And for alone, I don’t know… It’s just don’t came ? XD
But thank for your advice :slight_smile:

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People have said me to do offering and make petition (it’s not the first one) with him to start. :confused:
And just a vibrator to the max is not the solution I’m searching xD I know it’s more complicate than that, and I have already try.
I would not have come ask here otherwise.

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Are you sure it’s not a medical issue? Did you see a doctor ?

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It’s not a medical issue nether x) one time I have passed close to have one. So I’m pretty sure that I can. (Comparing in the past where I was sure to have a problem x) )
But since that day I have never pass close to one :l

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I’m sorry but I had to ask, Sometimes there are easier solutions… but since it’s not a medical thing then go ahead with the ritual. Wish you all the best :slight_smile:


Why did you post it 2 time ? And why here?

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We have rules against making duplicate posts. Please introduce yourself in our Intro thread before posting further.

Because I’ve noticed there’s a certain type of person who is so self important that they have to spam a forum to ram their question down everyone’s throats - notice no info, no please, no thank you, joined minutes ago, no context and expects everyone to drop your issue and pay attention to them.

Not a very nice thing to do - hijacking a thread!

Selkie, great name by the way. Are you male or female? That has some impact on how you orgasm and what stimulates you. It can be a physical thing, a psychological issue, I know that orgasm disappears with depression and chronic pain ie just when you really could do with them. If you’re a woman, you can have one without realising believe it or not, they aren’t all what you see in movies.

Each person is different, the more you worry, that is the issue. Focus less on the orgasm for yourself and more on pushing his buttons, and it wonder if when you’ve observed him you could then visualise him and step in to experience so you get a feel for it? That might be interesting…

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hi :slight_smile: thanks
I’m a female.
most of the time when I cum/mini orgasm, is because I play with the clits. I know it’s not an orgasm exactly, because when I have passed close from one (during sex), it was more intense. Sadly It didnt go to the end x)
I have try to stimulate myself in different way, in different position, but nothing :l
I didnt think about too much, because i’m okay with out it :slight_smile: but I think it could be cool to have at least one x)
I didnt really understand the last think you have said ^^’

Hi! I literally joined this forum 30 minutes ago and still working out how to use it, etiquette etc etc. I’ll delete this as yes, I agree it’s not right to hijack someone’s thread.


If you have any more insults to hurl please feel free to forward them on to me directly at [email protected]

I believe this is my third apology?
Many thanks for making my realise what a self important asshole I am.

(Joined this forum about 30 mins ago and didn’t realize the etiquette etc)

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Yes. Noted. My apologies I haven’t really used forums before believe it or not so this is a genuine mistake.