Duke Dantalion or Who?

Hello hello everybody.:raising_hand_man: Let me explain to you my situation first and then comes my question.
So im into music 10 years now as a producer. My music the most of the times was honestly crap,but my biggest advantage was that i knew that it was crap (yes this can be an advantage :stuck_out_tongue: ) and because of this i NEVER stopped working and educating myself more and more and more EVERY day.

So after almost 10 years,one day suddenly i experiment with a different kind of style and damn,i feel like i found my other half and propably better! I stuck into this style,i created some really good stuff and now i am ready.
So what i need now, I dont want a spirit to help me creativelly for now,the music is good. I want a spirit that will convince the right people to buy the music and bring to me the best possible result.
Ι was thinking Duke Dantalion,i read he is a good manipulator,he is familiar with arts and he is a ‘‘beginner friendly’’ spirit. Do you think he is the best for me or who would you suggest? Thank you and excuse me for the big article and my bad english. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think Dantalion is good for this job. You can check him. I’ve heard similar story of one man with his business and he fulfilled what he wished pretty nice.

You can find some more info on this forum using search function (there are many topics about him) or read my tips to know his basic offerings & identification.

I wish you success

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Thank you,i appreciate it and i also wish the best for you! I have read your post and the others too before i wrote mine but ill check it out again,for sure. My instict telling me that Dantalion would be the best to work with.

I hope that people with success in music will also share their opinions about Dantalion or any other entity,but i dont see a lot of answers yet :stuck_out_tongue:

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