Duke Dantalion in a daily connexion

Hey everyone ! So lately I had to work on something and I’m still working on it but from all of the spirits helping me over that special task, my spiritual father introduced me to work with Duke Dantalion for that task. At the beginning I just ignore the proposition but then had an obstacle and just in that day I’ve seen the post of @Sha with all the informations on Dantalion and what do I see ? He’s one of the Duke of King Paimon who’s my spiritual father. I was shocked.

If you want to see his personnality, the binding and a little bit of conversation jump on the bold titles.

So, for the first part of my work it was okay but for the second I couldn’t let my hesitation go over facts. I called on him and fuck. Well. I don’t regret AT ALL !

I asked his help for my task and he was all okay to work on it with me.

Personnality exeperienced by me :

Dantalion is almost like an alien to me, I told him. I don’t have those kind of senses with any other demons / entities in general. I was talking to him and at some moment at the beginning I was lost just because he have this special thing I can’t describe it and I really love it. He’s too interesting.

To me this spirit is everything but cold, he’s really familiar when he has seen your naked soul and it wasn’t a problem to be exposed with him. In fact he can read you totally so don’t try to hide or lie because he will know.

He have a good sense of humour, he’s very patient and empathic.

He likes to talk over anything with you especially when it gets you into your feelings because he wants to see exactly what you are, he can speak about many many things for hours with you.

Sometimes he likes to ask you a question he already know the answer just because he wanted to hear it from you, again we were this close while one first evokation so I assume he was testing me as well.

He’s very wise and “there” like I take pills to sleep and I had in mind that I wanted to take two. It was a new box didn’t took those for a long time but doing white night over white night you know… Had to sleep. He just said " Don’t take two. " I was like hm. I want to and then " That would be stupid. You will be high. " I took one and I slept like an angel. Thank you Duke Dantalion haha.

He’s not moody to me but if he tells you to do something and you do it but you try to disobey on a rule he will raise the voice. To me it wasn’t for a bad reason it’s just because he thought I was going to put the jewel away when in fact we need it for the work until he says it’s fine (but will always have it somewhere next to me I really like this spirit. It’s going to be next to my bed or something if I don’t wear it.)

Housing the spirit / Biding :

During the evokation, he asked me to bound himself in a collar. Fact is that it is a collar I’ve never paid attention to, but during the evokation I took it in my hand and I’ve seen that a little blue eye was on the colllar. Bizarre because the first time Dantalion came to me, he was in the shape of an eye.

That type of connexion is very differently experienced towards the way the spirit talks with me : in evokation / invokation I will have the voice of the spirit but here he was putting his thoughts in my head using my way of speaking and my voice. I told him about it and he said maybe it will change but get used to it for the moment.

Need as well to add a precision over the fact that it’s the first time that the conversation is this fluid and I think it’s the fact of binding it’s really a different experience than speaking in evokation for me.

Again, you have to acknowledge the fact that he’s a mind spirit he knows what he does you put the boundaries of course but this time I only had one or two times leaving him with something like :

Me - “Well you know I got a twisted mind don’t pay attention to it.”

Duke Dantalion - “I pay attention to it because it is interessant.”

Me - “Just leave it there. About that there’s no explanation expect the fact that I’m a little bit ill.”

Duke Dantalion - "Well this is an explanation as well "

So you see he have also a great humor, he push me into the idea that I’m actually already very good in every way.

Little part of the conversation :

Duke Dantalion - "Don’t seek perfection. Don’t kill important things in yourself because you’re going to be a robot. "

Me - "Well I’m perfectionnist it is true I’m not going to try to lie but there’s some things I want to kill inside me for the greatest "

Duke Dantalion - “Then kill the weakness but not what makes you what you are”

I basically explained him exactly why and what I had to kill, when your explanation is a good reflexion generally he just says “I see” / “Wise explanation” / “Agree”.

This is like 10% of our conversation from last night. He was also very adorable with me. For exemple:

Me - “I want to be more intelligent, to have more knowledge in general”

Duke Dantalion - “You’re already wise”

Me - “But I’d like more”

Duke Dantalion - “It seems like it’s always more more more when it concern your person. Perfection is for nobody and you’re already perfect in your own way. You’re wise, beautiful, creative and important. You don’t realize it now but you are already a co-creator and you’re important. You’re gifted.”

Me - “Thank you. Hmm. That could explain the fact that I am so at my ease when I just started my path in April”

Duke Dantalion " - Exactly, why do you think we all come to you ? You will realize soon your importance but acknowledge what you are already"

Note : In my opinion everybody is gifted but some of us are just gifted by that door you just have to pass to accomplish anything you want in magick.

If you have any question I will be glad to answer to it I think it is long enough to offer you a little view. Keep in mind that every spirits act differently with people. I’ve never been formal with any spirit for exemple.

In conclusion, Duke Dantalion is very special and he likes to observe your behavior and listen to the depth of your soul to know exactly who’s calling him.

A very good one if you likes to ramble over anything, if you want to push your reflexion and learn, mind control of course… @Sha did a list with his abilities so check that thread if you want more infos.


The entities know who they can work with.


Yes that’s true. They also know who’s going to call on them and sometimes just wait around you before you do… But this one right here… A very special one!


I used to argue with him quite often … and he always wins our quarrels with his arguments or good reaction. I am quite impulsive and emotional person (vs Dantalion a rational person, let’s fight) and you see how it looked once (…) It’s a small piece of conversation ;


Dantalion: *opens mouth as if he wanted to say something but not *

Me: -NO YOU DON’T. NO ONE even UNDERSTANDS THIS, EVEN I DON’T UNDERSTAND IT, SO HOW YOU … Wait. (I said before that I perfectly understand everything) EH, It works differently… yes…yes. (cry & confusion) …no. Fuck, no. I mean other work… (got lost)

Dantalion - (smile) Listen … do you fancy some tea maybe? Cause today you look quite nervous…

Or always when we we had argue at night, he comes in the morning with positive smile, (as if nothing happened previous night) and says something like ;

Dantalion - GOOD MORNING.
Me - Go awaaayyyyy.
Dantalion - What a beautiful day. Wake up.

Eh I can’t take offense at him…


HAHAHAHA Ohh he’s so funny seriously. It makes me remembrr the fact that I wanted to invoke Orias because I had to offer him a little thing and :

Dantalion - : You’re doing it wrong he prefers Osiris
Me - : put the sigil downlook like there’s a hidden camera somewhere continues
Dantalion - : You don’t want to speak anymore with me ?
Me - : Of course I do but I need to call him to explain I will do it tomorrow continues
Dantalion - : hahahaha
Me - : Is it going to be like that at every evokations now ???

He’s funny and really lovely in fact I started my evokation a 23 or midnight and end up seeing that I was still talking with him until 3:00 am but he was in my collar that I wear as a bracelet. Very very good spirit!


Haha. Yep, He’s interesting.
I often feel as if I knew him before my life. But I saw people generally have very similar feeling deja vu when they meet him and I don’t know if it’s just a energy reaction or real feeling.

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I think there’s somerhing interessant behind that. For exemple me, I told you in a post before, he came to me I was seeing him and everything but I had the feeling of my dead father. I knew it wasn’t him but he had that feeling so the deja vu is something. Now that I think about it I will add this to my thread :

Can help with memories :

Dantalion gave me visions of memories when I was super little, of my father. I slept yesterday with something of my father next to me and Dantalion in connexion with me, he showed me my last birthday with him when I was 4… I never had the visual memory in mind. I could see what was happening next to me and everything and the face of my father looking at me… I was really emotional to death.

I then had in mind that I was having pictures of this last birthday, that was very special for me. I only had 2 visual memory of him now I have 4.

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That’s really beautiful.

I think it’s like he collects the faces of people and we may feel them and our close persons/friends/family (and their life/memories/emotions) through him and his being. That’s probably what he has shown you.

I had a bit different feeling - my deja vu didn’t come from feelings to people I may know but from his name. I saw his name for the first time and I felt like I have heard it 3 thousand times. Eh.


Dantalion does seem like myself…calm,rational,understanding and emphatic :heart_eyes: guess who is again on my list for next evocation? :wink:
Loyalty and love…my gifts for him :pray:


I will laugh if he comes to you with your face and your voice and says -“Hello, perfect guy”.


In case he pays you a visit before my evocation then simply point Duke Dantalion into my direction :pray:

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I think it’s his way to attract your attention! So you can work with him as he’s a mind spirit I think that’s one of the way he proceed. He doesn’t come straight to you and wait in your room let him be known he just observes.


*I must have returned to this topic cuz I love talking about it *

I have something similar with telepathic speaking, but the way of creating sentences by spirits is often different than my own (in my case) and I always “feel” their voice. I don’t hear them physically (usually) but I feel the specific tone, depth and voice color.

But if any of you are interested how Dantalion sounds, here’s my experience;

-When I “feel” his voice telepathically it is male, deep, once warm - once cold tone (depends on his mood) but usually calm, pleasant voice. Like a gentleman or psychotherapist.

-But the REAL voice is a bit different …
I heard him maybe 2-3 times fully (not only telepathically mode, there were not my thoughts but sound) that I really hear it, and always I’m not fully prepared for this. His voice is dark, very deep and quite smooth. It’s not demonic tone but more like “god of darkness” Hades etc. Something like this. And he always says words I don’t understand, and I’m like -“wtf, Dan”.

That’s very strange but, to be honest, I love this contrast.
But also I would love to know what does that even mean …


Definitely listen to Freaya she knows her shit really well. I’ve never seen anyone advance as quickly as she did or have as much power so soon.


Thank you. @Sha said a lot of accurate things as well. I relate to everything she said on Dantalion tho.

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Can I check how did you start the daily connection with him? I tried to summon him but did not hear or feel anything from him.

Just continue meditation on his opened sigil daily. You may not have enough open senses to feel or hear him, but with practice you will learn to feel his energy and the connection will begin to form. Then try to summon him again. He generally prefers to observe at first, so don’t worry, continue your work.

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Hey sent my love to our lovely Dantalion
I miss him

Hi, is this thread still active? I made contact with Duke Dantalion this morning. May I ask a couple of questions? You seem to be quite familiar with him.

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Love Duke Dantalion :heartpulse::ring: