Duke Aim: Everything you need to know

Aim is one of the spirits of the goetia that doesn’t seem to be talked about as often around here. As I’m currently doing a pathworking with them, I’d like to share a bit about what I know so far.

I’d like to thank @ Eeikmem for inspiring me to write about this.

“The Twenty-third Spirit is Aim. He is a Great Strong Duke. He appeareth in the form of a very handsome Man in body, but with three Heads; the first, like a Serpent, the second like a Man having two Stars on his Forehead, the third like a Calf. He rideth on a Viper, carrying a Firebrand in his Hand, wherewith he setteth cities, castles, and great Places, on fire. He maketh thee witty in all manner of ways, and giveth true answers unto private matters. He governeth 26 Legions of Inferior Spirits; and his Seal is this,which wear thou as aforesaid, etc.”

Allow me to direct your attention to the Firebrand portion


The word seems to be an anachronism for a torch, fitting with the torchbearer motif common among entities like Azazel and Lucifer(along with the image of the serpent in the physical appearance. Self-transformation, rebirth, evolution, ect). This means that the first definition relating to passion also applies.

Aim is someone that “sets a fire under your ass” by giving you the push of motivation to achieve your goals. These can be creative pursuits such as the arts and music, which makes him a great go to for those with writter’s block or general constant procrastinators. But even greater than that, he can put an end to stagnation in all forms, make you aware of self destructive cycles, and guide you through the abyss.

What does it mean to set great places on fire? Well, revolution of course. He can embolden you with the confidence to speak your truth and empower it to sway the minds of others. This can be small scale social groups, audiences in an entertainment stadium, or a whole country in the realm of large scale change.

Of course, fire is know for being a force of both creation and destruction. Which means you can apply the powers of this entity towards curses which cause conflict , self destructive rage, and general misfortune among your enemies. Again, this can be a single person, a household, or an entire organisation depending on how much energy you’re willing to spend.

“To make witty in all manner of ways”. The way I’ve personally experienced this is by the enchantment of the skills I already had, and the ability to see how I can use them to better serve my goals. “Giving true answers onto private matters”. This is me manifested in clarity of mind, and unlocking hidden memories during shadow work.

Here are some personal results I saw after just a short time of invoking him.

Greater physical activity. Increased health and libido. Greater patience. I also found my ability to do energy work improved and my root, heart, and throat chakra were enhanced. When asked directly if Aim specializes in improving energy centers the reply was “I clear the path of that which hinders you, in whatever form that may be”.

Aim gives advice on how to best navigate the qlippoth and the tunnels of set, and appears to have strong ties to Golachab(though some list his primary sphere as Gamchicoth). Both Aim and Gaap are great allies to have for all general pathworkings, qlipothic rituals, and getting a better understanding of the astral plane.


Ayer avage secore Aim

I’ll be sure to update this with any personal chants or rituals I’m allowed to share as time progresses.


Hell yeah. Just like people, there’s always more to these demons than what is traditionally written about them.


Experimentation and discovery are some of the most rewarding parts of doing this.


@DemonMonk - I wanted to thank you for this post. It came at the right time. See, I’m having issues with getting my fur-baby from my ex-husband. And, a dear friend of mine, did a reading for me. This Goetic Demon, Aim, stepped forth to help me with this. I feel he led me to this post because I don’t really know that much about him.

*** Thank you, Duke Aim, for a) stepping forward to offer your help to me, in my situation and b) leading me to this thread about you. I truly appreciate it, sir. ***


I look forward to reading about your experience with him, if you decide to work with him. I have total faith you’ll get your fur-baby back :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: