Duality Paradox

I cannot help but note with all due respect that, the topics of duality and an almighty astral movement are currently prevelant amongst many. Whilst the latter is not our topic, the former has caused me much thought and debate. I realize that not everyone understands the purpose of a dual nature. When an entity brings together both of its conflicting natures, it becomes an ascended paradox of sorts, which is meant to either break down or build up anew the being that is doing this process. Its the reason why spiritual entities almost always have dual aspects. The ability to process and bring together both sides of a conflicting paradox is to bring transcendental energies to bear within… Or so this is my opinion on the matter. Thoughts?


Collapsing polarities you mean?


Duality is not a matter of perspective? I mean the way our minds are “constructed” in this dimension leading us to perceive world as dualistic?

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Yes! Thank you.

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