Drugs that work for magick

hi guys after being on this site for 2 years with no success I think maybe I should explore some drugs.

What do you think I can take from example doing magick from books like demons or magick

also doing pathworkings from books like lucifer and the hidden demons.

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Try smoking a little bit of weed with your workings. It works for me. I’ve used it to aid me in my workings with Demons of Magick, Goetia Pathworing, and Lucifer and the Hidden Demons. Really helps me get into the “zone”. Not too much to the point where you are absolutely fuckin stoned, but just a few puffs to relax and zone out. Smoke weed and practice some trancework stuff. If you want to take it a step further, dude, magic mushrooms… Just a very low dose though. I’ve had a fuckin intense experience with Bune while on 0.50g of shrooms. My first real experience of making contact with a spirit. It was amazing!🖒


No success from two years , what experiments have you tried ?

What trancwork stuff?

Are you talking about psilocybin mushrooms? Could the experience with bune not just been you tripping or an illusion?

Lots of stuff.

demons of magick

pathworking books

sigil gazing

so much shit

Have you tried working with any pantheon leaders ?

Acid, speed (hyper focus state goes nuts), Shrooms, DMT, anything organic with a reputation for getting you high, MDMA, Ketamine (transcendental state is thin), Mescaline, Peyote, Weed.

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Acid is fun if your in the right mindset. Just sayn lol also always weed. I wanna try dmt and shrooms soon.

Clean Water works for me. =o)


you don’t need drugs. You need self cultivation practices that gets you in touch with your own true self. Do activities that explore your mind/body/spirit. Meditation/ martial arts like aikido , tai chi. yoga. Couple’s Dance style. drawing/painting. You need creative juice. I think you are doing magick with too much heady thinking.Analytical style instead of being in the now. I could be wrong in thinking this. YOu need train your right side of brain that is visual, intuitive, emotional, all over the place creative unorganized thinking process of limitless.

Magick is mainly charge with emotions so i guess learning how to manage emotions and getting in touch with them helps too.

I find people who don’t get results after trying for longest time. It’s usually their heady thoughts.


Start with something small.Ask for a nickle. :smiley:

Energy work is important, listen to pup on this one.

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And have you noticed that dimes are more shinier? that means they attract wealth better.
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Greed kills magick champ :running_man:‍♂ :no_good_man:

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Here’s some info on trancework: Tutorial: Trancework

And yes, psilocybin mushrooms. I had used only 0.50g, which produced almost no effect at all. I was able to tell the difference from the feeling from the drug, to the magickal working/energy of the spirit. Definitely was not an illusion, or any part of the trip. Trust me dude, try it. Gaze at a sigil, chant the spirits Enn, and BOOM! You will certainly come in contact with a spirit. There is plenty of info here on the forum of other users doing such as well.

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I will never doubt the experiences of people who have used entheogens in practice however I have not used them myself for magick. Of course this is because I used to abuse hard drugs and would like to not ingest these. Yet I absolutely believe in entheogens as amazing tools for magick.

However I would be one to caution against initially. Primarily since you’ve said that you haven’t had anything that’s worked yet, this could be a dangerous path. And that’s because you might become reliant on the drugs to need to perform magick. Of course I don’t mean addicted to drugs but you don’t want the situation where you can only do magick while trippin fucking balls. Like I said, I haven’t used drugs for ritual purpose but most of my friends that have usually warn about this.

If I were you I’d try to really take some time to understand why your magick might not be working and try to identify what points that might need altering. Put pen to paper and see with your own eyes what could be worked on. For me, to finally start seeing tangible results I had to understand that magick was going to become the most encompassing thing in my life. This means that I had to devote much time to both study and more importantly, practice. And I had to learn how to practice the right way for me.

That being said, if try hallucinogens or other drugs I hope that it does work well for you and you can get a kickstart on your path. But I’d really suggest putting pen to paper first, even if you try entheogens, and identify the points you truly need to work on.

Just my 2 cents. Good luck brother!


you think xanax would work?

what does pantheon leader mean?

Like Yahweh in Christianity , Odin in the Norse Pantheon , Zeus in the Greek pantheon

I used Xanax during rituals it worked at one point but it is not my go to. Benzos do not provide euphoria.

They simply disinhibit you and disable all of the feelings that are annoying at the time — aka anxiety and restlessness. It can help you get to a trance-like state better but it’s nothing special — Benzos cut off a lot of signals because it’s designed that way.

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Ambien surely helps me;))

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