Drugged up Spirituality

To preface this, I’m going to point out that I’ve already looked up “drugs” on the search bar and didn’t find anything that would suffice my curiosity.

Also, this post is in no way a way to promote or glorify drug use for spirituality (Seeing as Gods generally want you to free yourself of addiction, especially Belial).

What are all of your experiences with how drugs have effected your spirituality, either negatively or positively? Feel free to share any experiences or conclusions drawn from use of the following:

  1. Marijuana
  2. Alcohol
  3. Adderall
  4. Acid
  5. Shrooms
  6. Other Psychedelics
  7. Molly
  8. Etc.

I spent the 90s using everything available, and the one immutable rule I noticed is that you get out of it what you take in to it. Like that scary tree on Dagobah where Luke saw himself as Vader lol.
Psychedelics can definitely open you up to spiritual experiences by rewiring the way your brain processes data so it’s worth experimenting with, but the only drug I’ve heard have that will ‘force’ a spiritual experience on you is ayahuasca, which I’ve never done.
DMT can allow some quasi-spiritual experiences, but imo it doesn’t really involve any external intelligences; it’s more like it’s opening you up to You.
Occultist Thomas Sheridan speaks down on marijuana use, especially where spirituality is concerned for whatever that’s worth. I never cared much for weed so I don’t really have an opinion on it.
I would not, though, ever conduct a ritual under the influence of any substance but not out of any sense of morality or whatever. I just prefer having a clear head. But to each their own.
I’ve heard that nitrous is great for sigil casting but I’ve never tried it.


Not be all moralistic, but… Any drug you take while doing ritual work or to have spiritual experiences is not going to give you necessary control over the experience. This path is about cultivating experience and power. Drug use may be good for testing if things are “real”, or maybe to just get out of your regular mental state at first.

I would not recommend drugs for any real work. Especially for just starting out. You might just attract an entity you are not equipped to deal with, and in an altered state you can’t control… Always play safe, I say. :smirk:



Let me introduce myself, I am a 29 years, male, musician and live in Amsterdam. Last Year i met a new friend, who is religious. We became best friends in a short period. We were hitting clubs 2 days each week.

And everytime at the end of the evening he was talking about religions. I allways respected people who were religious, allthough somewhere in my mind… i labelled them as fools…

Then he started talking about musicians who sold their souls, both of us are so insanely impulsive, that we signed the contract the same night…

After or during the ritual, there was no spiritual experience for me, probably because i was so polarized on this subject.

So a few weeks later, we were visiting another friend of mine. Who likes to produce dmt.

I’ve had like 20 dmt experiences before and it always took me to another world. Had very pleasent trips and also Some of them were frightening. What i’ve experienced was always hard to tell.

Now the trip from recently, i was inhaling the dmt and i was going into another world. Out of the sudden, i saw a gigantic middle finger. IT was so powerfull that i was afraid to go deeper in the trip with my eyes closed. Now with my eyes open i saw God sitting in his throne, and he was giving me the Middlefinger. I felt so guilty, i was repeating sorry 100 times. Then i became furious, because if i knew this before i would never did the ritual.

Lucifer was in the same room, while God was angry, he was amused. I saw God and lucifer as such gorgous entities, full of Diamonds and other crystals as kind of tattoos.

Lucifer shared a bit of knowledge with me, he was telling me to get powerfull Stones and tattoos. The most simple thing he told me; Everything exist.

Those word were mind blowing. We can make anything happen, with a thought, word of ideas.

Lucifer told me, what i experienced was true and that my friend had to know this, who did the ritual with me.

He said, your friend allrdy knows im everywhere, he was pointing into the direction of a picture . The city Paris above the couch. I just went mad, what i had experienced was Real! Once you see him in the picture, it can’t be unseen

Then i told my friend the whole story and he was so impressed with this story, he knew this was true. He also told me that God has a tattoo of the human at the Palm of his hand. You can find this in the bible, allthough i never read one.

The only thing what was weird, why would God raise his middle finger? Google gave us the answer.

The middlefinger of God, is a cross from hand to elbow. He raises his middlefinger to all “evil

If Someone is curious about the picture, i can upload this later.


Weed greatly enhances my electro-magnetic output, and allows me to concentrate better thus pierce deeper into higher levels of subconscious/conscious information organization. It sharpens my intuition and amplifies my psychic senses. It has become a crutch and I am addicted, but it doesn’t stop me from performing at my peak when I’m sober.

All drugs, symbols, and rituals are tools to help you integrate information, to help open doors and peer into faculties of consciousness and perception, but only as assistants, teachers and guides. I believe anyone who hasn’t experimented with psychedelic exploration of cognition is missing out on some of thee most important aspects of their abilities.

I’ve used Ayahuasca multiple times and it has shown me that for magic, and Ascension, all you need is your mind-body temple. It has shown me that nature always has your best intentions in mind, and that everything is always synchronized and connected every which way, we are just closed off to thee immensity of meaning surrounding us because we have to patiently integrate this information lest it overwhelm and destroy us. This has been my mistake. I’ve seen things on Ayahuasca and Amanitas that were too traumatizing. I’m talking absolute knowledge of absolute power.

Adderal and Meth are definitely concentration amplifiers to the max. I believe if you want to greatly improved your focused attention and overall awareness, that stimulants like these are invaluable. Exercises while under thee influence of these things will bring you to new levels that will carry over through the rest of your life without needing them to reach it again.

DMT is a no-brainer, obvious choice to blast the hinges off unnecessary and inhibiting doors of cognition. It’s the best choice because it is in no way damaging that I can see. Like Ayahuasca, it works solely for the careful benefit of your spiritual evolution.

Drugs have helped me understand the science of magic and helped me to dispel and demystify the woowoo of newage spiritual jargon, coming to terms with more of a psionic/metaphysical/mechanical comprehension of spirituality. They have also shown me that there is a spiritual aspect to it, an undeniably mysterious force of connectivity that we will never truly dilute into a science, the godhead oneness of all-pervading, singular consciousness.

Bliss is key to ascension, drugs will help you understand how bliss works if you can observe your drug experience under the intuitive logic of a meta-cognitive lens.

Alcohol helps me tune into a more fluid, uninhibited stream of exaggerated emotions which has helped me understand my microexpressions, body language and how I interact on an ego level with people.

Opiates have increased my awareness of thee astral realm.

Ecstacy is a great tool for euphoric prayer, good wishes, and positive blessings unto the world.

All in all.


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