Drinking a being's blood

Is there such a thing as a being bleeding in the astral realm? I didn’t think so at first because blood is a product of the body right?
I ask because I had this one experience earlier this year where I woke up outside my body. I was hovering over my bed and I remember looking down and seeing myself lying there, however I don’t remember ever leaving my body. There was a being there I was intimate with at the time and without thinking I bit them on the shoulder and my mouth filled with their blood. So my second subquestion would be what would happen if you drank a being’s blood while having astral sex?
Perhaps more symbolic?


Yes you can, I have. But it wasn’t like blood, it was like liquid power. He bit me and drained MY blood, and I bit him and refilled on his power.


Blood being symbolic of spiritual essence this would be akin to drawing into your self that beings energy in an intimate way.

Sex being an exchange fluids and energies on the physical. This can correspond on higher planes to similar exchange in energy on non-physical planes. Intertwining your energy with theirs, imbibing their energy during this act would likely saturate your subtle bodies with the energy of the being.


Thank you. Would this be permanent? What would happen if I tried to cut this deity off from me completely?

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I have not explored this particular angle. The forces i work with are mixed in with my energetic make up as a result of specific practices.

As to the permanence that may depend on level of exposer to the force. Think of people who indulge in casual sex often. They can become imprinted with the energy of their partner which may not always have positive effects. But could possibly be cleansed over time.

Also Depends on the type of energetic bond.


What types of bonds could affect the permanence? Sorry I keep coming at you with more questions.

Of what i have experienced
Varying levels of interaction through invocations/evocations, ritual alchemical operations, active energy exchanges.

How permanent these are :thinking: not sure as some of them in my case seem to have left a type of energetic “signature” other can pick up when reading me, some are more recent and some while felt deeply by me are barely picked up by others that or are overpowered by the other energies in my make up.

Okay thank you.

Your welcome hope it gave some useful insight.

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Hmmm. Not sure. The closest I can recall is once I may have went from a dream state into an astral consciousness shift. In the incident I was actually cut to ribbons by someone. There was pain, definite registering of injury, but no blood and no incapacitation. I was scared out of my mind, and snapped out of it. I was horrifically depressed the following day; I think it was a parasite attack.

No blood, but it did bleed me in other ways.

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That’s insane I’m so sorry that happened. And here I’ve been whining about my shadow work with Lilith. You must be super strong to be able to handle that.

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Not really. I did nothing special after the fact and my body just corrected itself naturally. It was terrifying in the moment, but honestly something that probably happens to everyone at some point, even if they don’t do magick. We are all extremely resilient creatures, IMO.

And I don’t think anyone in their right mind would consider tell of your work with Lady Lilith whining; that is serious stuff, you should be proud.


Still no less amazing. And thank you very much :blush:

Sex magick with spirits is a kind of invocation. When you are having sex in dreams or astral and you see you and the other person in humanoid forms. In actuality its energy bodies and the exchange of sexual fluids is energy. It’s just more personal and intimate for us as humans to see that physical interaction holding, kissing touching and the physical sensations.

So on the physical plane we do an invocation to ask spirits to share their energy with us and enter our bodies. With repeated contact we can take on their characteristics and create a bond. Our energies resonate better and sharpens our senses.

With a spirit lover the same things happen also in an intimate way but different. Maybe less intentional? Because unlike a physical invocation the goal may be pleasure, knowledge of a spirit only a lover would know. Think about a human partner how you end up copying their mannerisms and knowing things about them their family and friends don’t know.


Thanks friend

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You’re welcome.

I’d like to add its ok. It may seem strange to see yourself biting a spirit and drinking their blood or vice versa. Think of it like you were physically doing a ritual and offering your blood. It’s energy but instead of the pain it’s more direct and it can feel very pleasurable when you do it that way. Especially if that kind of thing turns you on.


It does haha. It really does. Got a thing for blood gotta say.

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Sure you can! It’s one way to visualize taking life energy. There really isn’t any difference between your method or the method of tendril feeding, just different ways of going about it.

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Tendril feeding? Sorry I’m ignorant.

Is that just taking somebodys energy? I gotta get excited here for a minute I was remembering someone’s post about feeding off of people’s root chakras… I tried it for the first time yesterday and it felt amazing. But in moderation moderation. I don’t want to cause damage.

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