Drink your partners blood

My wife and I when we first met discovered we both practiced. It was a shock because I don’t meet much in my life of people who do. We talked a little, but what we did do was drink each others blood. We knew it would make us blood bound. But what else should we look for now that we have done it? Thank you for your help

Why? And what are the symptoms or results of you being “blood bound”? What does this mean to the two of you?

Magick is driven by your intention, your WILL, which needs to be focused and direct your energy into the results you want. If you didn’t really put much focus into the ceremony or whatever you did, then it’s a bit like getting a sigil tattoo and expecting it to be automatically magick all by itself, when all it is is ink.
Maybe all you did was get a bit of nutrition, which you digested. Otherwise you’d be blood bound to every dead cow you ever ate the steaks of. You don’t intend to be, so you’re not.

You didn’t say if you did anything other than eat food right now… To have this make changes in your energy systems, you had to do something magickally to make something happen, and that’s the bit that matters.

So, what was that that you did? I assume there was something, no? A ceremony? A pact of some kind? Whatever was in that ceremony, that is what you should look for happening.