Dreaming of Baphomet, twice now

I have dreamt of Baphomet twice now.
I was wondering if anyone can give advice or interpret the dreams, please.

Dream one- I am walking in a beautiful woodland clearing and there are oak trees dropping leaves made of gold. I follow the clearing and there is Baphomet standing there waiting for me.

Baphomet extends his hands to me, " Open your hands" I open them.
He pours gold coins with his image into my hands.
" Will you come with me?" I drop the coins.
" But I have a goddess, her name is Hecate"
He nods his head and I wake up.

Dream two- Last night actually
I am walking through an alley, I find a purse on the ground.
I pick up the purse and unzip it. Inside are a handful of small statues of Baphomet. All different some bronze, others wood, one ivory.
There is a voice behind me, the same voice from the first dream. I can see his shadow. I stand still, he speaks to me.
" I offered you gifts of gold before".
I unzip a second pocket in the purse, it is filled with crystal prisms and diamonds.
" I now, offer you gifts of jewels."
The diamonds are glittering.
“Will you come with me now?”
I wake up, gasping for air and startled.

Can anyone advice me, or comment?

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Say yes and reach out.

Always ask for the name… They might be importers. And if he says Baphomet, ask what he wants in return.
P.S. No, they don’t care about your soul.

I think you meant impostors but that typo is hilarious.

You just can’t trust importers these days :rofl::rofl:


Ahahahahahaha yes sorry I haven’t slept yet! But I’ll leave that there to remind me not to speak or type when I’m like this!


ask where

The Entity in your dream.

Are you familiar with the entity.

I had a dream with similar archetypes !!! I had a dream i was travwling through astral planes and entered into the next octave from our reality and saw breifly the baphomet… my dream was then inturrupted by some unrelated premonitions(my dreams are full of them) until i finally find myself in an airplane (continuing my journey through the astral realm) and upon my arriving at my destination i heard my higher self telling me that i had arrived at the city of gold… it was very geometric… hexagonal puzzle pieces kinda… all woven together forming the surface… the sky was black… everything made of gold and i was looking down on it… and then a tetrahedron or merkabah type of gemoetric object landed on the surface… it was like a giant spaceshi… it landed on the surface… from which a throne type of smaller craft emerged out of it… and just as i was about to see who sat on the throne i woke up. This happened just falling asleep after a night spent studying the book of 1sT and 2nd samuel of the old testament.

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