Dreaming after evoking amon

Hello guys,

so this is like my 3-4 time evoking amon, and i tried two methods. the first one is by chanting his enn, and gazing at his sigil i believe i reached a state of trance as my mind was clear. the second method is the night offering. anyways, i dreamt of the person i asked him to help me with. is that a confirmation of or a sign. usually, I don’t have dreams I do have visions of the future and they come true most of the time

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my bad, i just wrote a comment there.

I’d say it’s a fairly good sign but if you want to be certain you could meditate on his enn with your question in mind, or you could use another divination method (tarot, pendulum, runes, etc.).

But you mostly just need to just trust your gut here.

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hey sorry to bother you. but, after a successful ritual do you feel you are less worried and not thinking about the think you requested? you are like certain its yours? and i did what you told me i believe it worked.

I tell myself that I have it already and I put my trust in my ritual.

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