Dream that I don’t understood

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Not sure I get the linked discussion at all… there was only your singular withdrawn post there…

Anyway, dreaming about running away and being found… in my pseudo-psychology-experience, that is text-book running away from something in your life that you will have to face up to soon enough. Something that won’t go away by itself.

Is this kind of dream/theme reoccurring? Who/what is it that finds you?

Do you recognize this aspect from anything in your life, something that you perhaps need to address but keep postponing, running away from? I used to dream about being chased by various apex predators, and they stopped only when I stood up and faced the stuff I feared in my waking life.

Does any of that ring true to you?

Sorry I forgot to unflagging the liked post my apologies for that and some of it rings true but idk if it’s because I’m running way from telling my family about how they make me feel of because I’m running away from facing everything in my life

Do you have a dream journal? It helps a lot to keep a dream journal in order to figure out your dreams.

If you are running away in your dream, it sounds like you’re dealing with avoidance or fear in your waking life…

A dream dictionary can also be useful to you.

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I don’t have a dream journal because I can’t even have just a journal without my sister finding and reading it but I’ll write them in my notes then get a journal when I can
Thank you I didn’t even think of a having a dream journal so thank you for the advice on getting one


I see… well that sucks. I used to use an online journal for years because of privacy issues so I know how it is.

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I know and do you have any online journal apps u could recommend if that’s not too much to ask

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I have quite the extensive collection of dreams and have been using DayOne on iOS.

They now offer encryption, so it’s been pretty useful to me.

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Okay thank you so much I’ll have a look at it

I overly enjoy doing this, so I’m going to go off on a slight tangent. (Learn from my mistakes.)

I started with Excel, with each row being a subsection of a dream–basically when dreams jump from place to place I’d create a new row for each time jump. In the columns next to each dream I’d add tags for characters, settings, etc. It was really early on and messy before moving to Scrivener and Day One, but it got the job done.

If you really want to get into the nitty-gritty of it and apply analytics to it:

My recommendations:

  • Tagging recurring people (and their relationships to you at the time)
  • Tagging settings (and their relationship to you at the time)
  • Emotions/how the dream made you feel
  • The intentions of the dream and its characters

I will say the most important part to me that I wish I had done was keep track of how I felt about the characters at the time–because sometimes I missed a lot of context because I had to go off of hypothesis vs. the documented facts of the time period. It made it really hard when trying to fit some pieces together but we made it work.

Dream dictionaries are cool, but I used that as a supplement vs. absolute because sometimes those dreams didn’t really fit in the beginning. Of course, now I understand why, but even with some of my symbolic dreams I find myself not really fitting the pieces together based on the dream dictionary interpretations. I found that sitting down, looking at what the dictionary may define it as, then taking the dream as a whole and interpreting my feelings about each character, action, and setting made the most difference.

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Thank you so much for the information I’ll do that from now in I appreciate all your help

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I use primarily the Diaro app. You can use it both on andoid, iOS, and a browser version. The premium is only a few bucks and it will let you save the entries (encrypted) to dropbox so that you can use it cross-device seamlessly. If you only use one device you can use the free version for sure.

You can password protect it, use pin-code on your devices, or even fingerprint login - so it’s secure and kept safe from everyone but you. I highly recommend it :slight_smile:

Okay thank you so much I appreciate it I’ll get the app now

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