Dream about running and always being found

Okay so I had this dream where I was at a gas station sitting on the top of a car and In front of me was a man putting gas in his car, next to him where people talking about how this girl never misses putting things on fire and so fire started to appear next to me and I moved before it touched me and this kept happening and they kept missing so I ran wand I came to a three way crossroads and I ran down it found out I went the wrong way ran back up and say a van on the field to my right I started to panic so I ran.

I ran until I was at a school and I made new friends but I told them to call me a different name it was all good for awhile but then they found me so I ran again I ran non stop until I got to my parents house I told them what was happening they told me they would protect me but I had to leave but they found me and I went up to my dad crying begging him not to let them take me, my mum came out and she said “Shauna you run no matter what forget what makes you happy” i said my goodbyes and I ran like my life depended on it.

Then I was in this place that looked like a shopping hall or a school hall and there where these men some I knew some I didn’t recognise but knew and they stopped me from leaving, they would try to grab me but I ducked and I ran out the doors only to be a what looked to be a train station but it wasn’t your usually crossing I realised that after I ran and jumped on the beam that you had to make your way across and I almost fell to the floor which was far down and this girl walked past me and said “ are you sexually active” I was like “no” and she laughed.

I then saw my brother climbing from one beam bar to another to make it to the other side he said “hi Shauna” I said “hi” this girl went up to him and said it’s easier to move like this if your skinny, I started making my way over the other side going from beam to beam and I was in a line with people I knew but I had to run again it was like no matter what they kept finding me.

I was then on a car with this women shooting at me and a man driving whilst she did so the police where behind her she got hit and then next thing I know I’m on her car giving her stitches I then run and I’m at a shopping center with the men that tried stopping me before and they tried to catch me they would get me sometimes but I always managed to get free I ran outside and I keep running until I’m at the other end on the town and I’m with my auntie I see grandad my Nan and another man all sitting on a table together and they waved at me so I ran up to them then I woke up
I asked myself what this could mean and all I got was that it could mean I’m running away from no problems but I’m not sure :thinking:

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