Dream of tree people and an investigator of african tribal folk

I recently had a dream where I was at a thrift store. i was standing outside, when a black man in the store came out to speak with me. he seemed to know about me and almost be interrogating me for some reason. he began discussing his personal investigations into some Ugandan indigenous group that practices a form of spirituality, i don’t know. he was also talking about cocaine smuggling. dreams are weird.

as he was talking, i looked over and a troop of hairy, short people - hair so long you couldn’t see much else but legs and arms, walking into the store. they had backpacks on and in the backpacks, soil with trees planted. trees young enough to be still small, but reaching up into the air for sure. it was so bizarre and hilarious.

everyone in the thrift store was african american. it was just really interesting and strange. of course i am not sure why i am posting this here and feel it was because i ate a CBD cookie before sleeping.

sidenote : i am intrested in learning about conjure, hoodoo and educating myself on african diasporic religions but am already involved in one path already. it was just strange. i suppose i need to begin learning about these authentic and inspiring traditions.

what do you think?

sidenote: i believe in animism and that spirits dwell in trees and landscape.

Sounds like the Ugandan spiritual group, maybe their spirits are reaching out

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…but… why. i’m not in anyway related to, aware of, or in need of joining such a group. or am I??

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I spoke with someone who said it could be “Umbanda”?

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Trust you gut feelings is all I will say :slight_smile:

That’s a Brazilian folk religion.

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Is that you trying to correct me? Anyone can google. If you have something to help, please reply. If you’re here for your ego, what does that help?

My gut tells me that this is about expanding my education to help me more understand animism and the Devil. Or that my recent reading of a workbook on Papa Legba or in Umbanda called Eshu, was not just a coincidence but fate

You jumped straight to being defensive for what reason?

I can see this being true as it has many spirits. Ask them, ask them to reveal their selves and show you more through dreams and life experiences

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I’m just used to people being people

I researched Umbanda all day today. I can’t say it was that informative for me, but that’s only through YouTube and what scarce information is online. Further, I would have to begin education through books I guess. I -had- heard of Quimbanda before, though. And I have an interest in papa Legba, who is Eshu / Ellegua in Umbanda.

I am already in a tradition. Why is it necessary and calling out to me, a white kid with no outside contact to anyone involved in this path… i don’t know. I don’t feel it’s wise to just waltz into some other tradition respectfully so.

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Ok anything to add?

I’m here to get answers not talk to myself.

After yesterday, I had a dream last night that I was in a ritual dance with Umbandanistas. It was vivid. In front of me was a younger kid, a Latin boy with sunken eyes. I was afraid of being possessed. He turned around and grabbed my hands. He told me he could sense fear and tried to whatever, send me some energy. What in the world.

“Race” doesn’t matter when it comes to various paths and what entity or various paths call to you. Papa Legba reached out to me, not to work with me but to simply give me advice and he appeared as various suited black men who were all “possessed” by him but spoke through one of them.

I understand but it’s more about poking into another tradition without fully understanding how that will alter my fate by doing so. I have to be sure.

Well you don’t exactly have to follow the tradition to speak with the entities involved. Such as the difference between hoodoo and voodoo one is a religious devotion to the tradition and the other is a occult practice.

You can seek answers without getting involved with the tradition.

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I suppose I didn’t include in this thread that I’m emotionally stuck on all sides with obstacles and feel helpless to the point that these spirits must be offering to help me. I may be out of my element and need someone in these traditions to do my divination and a purification ritual for me.

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