Dream of a god

Last night i had a weird experience. While dreaming i heard a voice say “you better be prepared” and “your god” and i saw a man wearing ancient greek armor (due to me working with greek pantheon) and I suddenly woke up with a bloody nose. If anyone could elaborate on this i would be happy. Id also like to hear about your dreams with gods/goddesses


I suggest going into meditation to seek more information on this. Talk to your pantheon and ask them.
This message was for you, it’s not really for us to tell you what you think, you have to stand up and develop this yourself.

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I dont see or hear them anymore. Gods that once came to me in person can only be reached through ritual now, no longer dreams or materializing at odd points in the day …only dreams of sigils…like as though everyone had taken every sigil of an entity together in one big mass…dancing and twisting through an environment like tv static.

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thanks. I consulted them. It seems like Zeus Really wants to work with me and Poseidon wants to work with me but not as energetically as Zeus.

Seems like they responded to you. Great progress. Continue working with them for future results.