Dream? Nightmare?

I just wanna ask one thing about dream.
What is the meaning of situation when u have fully control of dream. The dream look so real and u can control of your body and also feel pain.
In my dream: I brutally fought back. And I won.


Lucid dreaming?


Honestly speaking, I was chased by alot shitty creatures. One dream with Big Black Dogs.
Like Dobamin or smth. Bigger than me.
And I fought back these two dogs. I let one dog bite my hand and rip its mouth apart. It look so fantasy movie but I dont lie. It is real. I still remembering that dream from last yr. Another dream is snakes with same scenario.

So u had a fight with a dogs and did they leave u alone after that? I think its a positive dream u must be struggling with some issues in your life and u will get over with it soon

Just my idea it can be different though

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That’s funny, I just mentioned Hell Hounds and Bargests in another thread. They’re known for being very vicious, and rarely, protective. Wherever you were, they wanted you dead or gone.

I don’t know about snakes, those have a lot more varied mythology and symbolism, depends on the snakes and what you were doing. On this one I’d be more inclined to look for symbolic life meanings, as in, what they represent to you first.

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WeW… I just hope thats not hell hound. :pensive:

I dreamed about dogs again… wtf… :tired_face:

Well, it’s not easy to control where you go when you dream.

This could also be a representation of something your subconscious is trying to tell you. That in real life you are maybe doing something, or in contact with someone, who isn’t good for you, who could turn on you, or that you are doing something you shouldn’t as it you could get caught and it could then turn bad for you.

That is a lucid dream, but if you were fighting, and felt it, it sounds similar to something that happened to me. In a lucid dream, I astral projected and I had physical sensations.

Not certain when my soul left my body, but I remember it being a lucid dream, i was in the dream as myself, and after there was some type of altercation, I had out of body type experience, where I was viewing what was going on instead of being there, and i woke up feeling pain exactly where I was attacked.