Dream control- how to appear in someone else's dream

Does anyone know how to do it? Esp having sex with them in their dream


Try the book “Psychic Dreamwalking” by Michelle Belanger.

However, if you are thinking of having sex with someone in their dreams who doesn’t have any interest in you in the real world, that is mind rape, and it can have very serious ramifications, ranging from their Higher Self and/or protector spirits attacking you or binding you, to the target avoiding you in real life, refusing to talk to you, being scared of you, and even committing suicide.

Even if the target isn’t magically inclined, the subconscious knows when it has been violated.


Thx he’s someone that does want it though.

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But having the person dream about you is ok?

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It’s a fine line, but yes.

In my opinion, there is a big difference between influencing someone to dream about you, and entering their dreams specifically to force them to have sex. One is passive, and one is aggressive. It’s the difference between being invited to a party where you know your ex boyfriend might be and hoping to reconnect with him, and stalking his Facebook so you can show up everywhere he goes to force yourself back into his life.

Most people do not place much significance on their dreams, so influencing a person to dream about you can easily be chocked up to just natural brain flotsam, because we dream about people we know all the time. We even dream about having sex with friends, but the mind will know the difference between a naturally created dream, and violation by an outside influence by how it feels because dreaming about having sex with someone does not necessarily indicate any actual desire to do so, so the person’s subconscious will twig to something being wrong, though they may not consciously understand what.


I understand. I’m not into the « sexual dream » thing because for having sometimes dream of having sex with friends it’s kind of baffling in the morning.
My goal is not to be forgotten by my friend like « do you remember me? » I would like to help too someone who is in the coma (i already tried astral projection but im too bad at it) as he is a very cartesian person only believing in the material Life (even if i think his spiritual guides already explained him what is going on i would like to know how he feels).

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If you want to enter your friend’s dream and have him remember it, I would do something memorable that will cause his mind to latch on to the image. Don’t just enter his dream, and say, “remember me?” but enter his dream dressed in a neon green bodysuit with large purple polka dots, with a large squirrel tail and and Mickey Mouse ears. An unforgettable image.


Hahaha i think for sure i’ll be unforgettable😆.

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Omg I didn’t mean force of he’s down then ok if not I leave.

And ik he remembers lol @Gwenevere

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Um I am scared that I have been doing this to someone, having sex with someone in there dreams and they weren’t consenting. I didn’t mean to do it though. I was just really obsessed about the person and would think about them before bed every night with really heavy tantra.

When I get sent curses from this person they said that was what it was about… telepathically. I was also binded from sleep for 3 weeks prior. Is this what happened to me? I don’t remember our dreams but so you think this is what happened to me and my friend?

I miss my friend so much, I started texting him again and I got binded from sleep again. So is this what is happening to me? And is there anything I can do to make it up to my friend? I miss him so much and I didn’t hurt him. I can I ever make it up to him? I miss him so much, and how do I not do this again?


The Buddha teaches us that the cause of suffering is desire, and he taught us that by relinquishing our desires, we can stop suffering. It is not wrong to enjoy things, but because everything is impermanent, we suffer when those things end.

The Buddha taught that the solution to the problem of suffering is the eightfold path, but you, being a magician can do a ritual to relinquish your desire for your friend.

Accept the joys of friendship when you’re with them, but don’t be attached to the idea of them. You will cause pain to yourself and others.


Was that an answer to me? I don’t think that helps me. He will barely respond to my text messages. The guilt is so bad, and maybe this is part of why I don’t want to let him go, because I want to make it up to him, want to make it better, I don’t ever want to be with anyone else and even if I was I would rather hurt him, not that I want to hurt him, I just don’t want to go and hurt other people too. So I want to fix this.

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It sounds like he’s not interested in reconciling with you.


The first thing you need to do, in my opinion, is release the guilt and forgive yourself for what you did. You need to face the fact that you made a mistake. It happens. Let it go and get on with your life.

The second thing you need to do, is accept that he may never forgive you. You want to “make it up to him, to make it better,” not for him but only for yourself. You hurt him, but you are compounding that mistake by not owning up to the consequences of your behavior. Say you are sorry, and leave it at that.

If you are being sent nightmares, and bindings, then you really need to step back and stop trying to force things to be the way you want them to be. He obviously has power, and you broke his trust. It doesn’t matter if what you did was unintentional or not. You caused him pain, and so it is up to him to decide whether or not to allow you back into his life. If you got hit again with a binding for texting him, then you are obviously not learning your lesson if you keep trying to force contact.


Dream control- how to appear in someone else’s dream

I asked my Demon to manipulate X person’s dream (I chose him), where He (my Demon) goes fuck me in front of the person who dream it, but this person can not touch me at all, just watch our act. He did.

You can ask for help if you want. They can help you, looks like. Who knows…

Don’t ask me why am I wanted this. I just want to play around with that guy’s feelings, because he felt in love with me. And I’m a nasty Hell-bitch, anyway.


this task seems quite complicated to pull off, if it were me i’d probably wait for the other party to initiate :smirk:

Thanks that is great I guess sorta, But how do I go and not have such an accident again?

Meditate and take control of your own mind.

Learn to focus on one thing, like a candle flame, to the exclusion of everything else. That will help you with your obsessive thoughts, and allow you to do your tantra without accidentally bringing to mind any obsessive feelings.

Remember, where the mind goes, the energy flows, so if you can control what your mind dwells on, then there is less chance of your energy going off and causing a similar situation.

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Although I am wanting my tantra to find me someone. It starts to seem that there is such fine lines here. Like is having feelings for some one a bit of a love spell too?

I don’t want to be a hermit.

That is of course if I can’t get to be with this guy of course :frowning: