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So I had a weird dream last night, from my son’s room I saw a lady tall Demon teeth or weird teeth ect dressed in red with black I believe. does anybody know what this means? I woke up after that, but went back to sleep.


It doesn’t matter what it means to us, it matters what it means to you.

Dreams are symbolic and subjective, and often the people in them represent parts of ourselves, things we have emotions about, or things we’re processing from life experience.

You have to trust your instincts on this one, but you can use meditation to reenter the dream, lucid dreaming, or summoning to try to get more info from the lady.


Thank you very much.

Similar things have happened to me a couple times, I’ll usually meditate about it after the experience to see if it’s trying to communicate. I’ve had one creepy meditation after something like this so I’d suggest exercising caution. Like @Mulberry said too, what does it mean to you/what do you feel/what is your intuition saying?

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Is telling me not to worry about it, but then again it can also be that I just saw the conjuring 3 LOL but can’t detect bad or good on this dream. is weird.

elaborate on that creepy meditation, sounds interesting if you don’t mind.

lol might be the movie. I don’t watch horror movies in part because they affect my magick, other than that I don’t like the type of scariness in them either.

On your question, it still makes me uncomfortable to think about but I’ll expand a bit. I was staying overnight with a lady (family-related) that has a daughter and I stayed in the daughter’s bedroom. I learned after that the little girl (like 7 at the time?) never stayed a night in her room because she was scared, said there were ghosts and monsters etc. which the mom wrote off as childish mostly because she hates considering ghosts and demons.

I woke up in the middle of the night and saw a woman across the room (like a yard/meter away) from the bed. She looked like a typical horror movie ghost I guess. What follows it what I wrote later that morning: “I open my eyes, it’s dark. I see a vampire lady before me. She’s crouched over my father. Her hair is black and, it’s tangled, wavy, and long. It falls past her breasts. Her gown is white and stained with red and black. -Maybe it’s blood- She’s caught somewhere between kneeling and standing. Her eyes swirl in colors of red–they are profound. She has fangs as well, they reach just past her chin. They are also stained in red. She looks livid. She looks so terrifying and I struggle to rid my vision of her and yet she persists.” So after that, I turned over and changed my thoughts to other things because I couldn’t leave the room like the child does every night.

The meditation came in the later hours of the morning (like an hour after I’d gotten up as early as I could to be out of there). And here’s some of that: “I close my eyes and let myself be taken to her. I am in a cave of sorts. It’s dark. There’s a tunnel behind her and my father is held by her. Other family have appeared as well, I ask and am made aware they are safe from her. She goes into a tunnel, I follow. I am on a small wooden boat (like a canoe maybe) and suddenly an old man from the walls jumps onto the back of it. There are many more people on the walls. They are watching me. Something stirs beneath the water, there is a mermaid figure swimming quickly–faster than I am going. I jump onto her and we arrive at a spot of land. The vampire lady is behind a man and she does as he commands. I talk with them but cannot recall our words or their voices. She did not speak much though. I knew it was time to leave but didn’t want to, Still, my eyes opened and I wasn’t there anymore.”

So that is that story.

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Yea kinda weird, but it sounds like they wanted your attention for something… hmmm Thanks for that

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