Dream about lucifer again... this time different

Last night I was trying to contact with him but I fell asleep due to my headache and I had the most weird dream about him.

In my dream, we were in my kitchen and we were kissing but this time lucifer had two glorious horns and red burning skin. Then we had sex. After that he told me to cut my hand and pour my blood on a candle. And he said ‘Its the only way’.

I’m very confused rn. I tried so many times to communicate with him but none of them worked till last night.

What was he aiming for saying that ‘it is the only way’ ? any ideas ? tnhx in advance.

this can be joke to you in first reading but i am not joking :confused:

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I’m no expert but I think he was telling you exactly what he wants you to do. I’d do it. Just like he said. If it were me that is.

Dreams shouldn’t be taken at face value. There’s a lot of symbolism behind the imagery that reflects reality.

For instance, blood from the hand can mean feelings of guilt over something.

Try to read between the lines.


I think this dream was more of a reflection of you and your unconscious rather than a reflection of Lucifer.
I think because you haven’t been in contact with Lucifer long for what it sounds, your fears are popping up. To be ‘this is the only way’ in the dreams sounds like you may consciously or unconsciously fear that you need to make a sacrifice for what you desire and that Lucifer won’t give you anything for free.

Lucifer does give gifts though. :blush::gift:
You know what the word gift entails lol it means he can help you for free. :wink:
Do not fear him.


thank u I’ll try it :blush: