Dream about Dantalion

I had a dream, I think it was months ago.
IMPORTANT: I never conjured or evoked or invoked a demon, only read about it online and when I had this dream, I didn’t even hear about Dantalion before, only after this dream. Never knew this name, that it was the 71st demon of Ars Goetia and so on. I don’t practice anything, just meditation and I am born in a Christian family, not such a religious person myself, but I had a fear of ever trying any sort of ritual or anything. I’m still not sure if I ever will do conjure a demon. More likely to call for an Angel if that’s possible. People on BALG only talk about demons as it seems.

Anyway, this is the dream:
I was seeing myself as venturing through a dark forest, with yellowish leaves on the grounds as if it was autumn. At some point I started hearing noises and I saw Dantalion, who was wearing a robe kind of thing and had many heads on his “head”.
Like in this picture:

I was kind of running away from him, and he had like a purple aura, I think he was also trying to attack me and I was fighting back, and at some point he introduced himself/herself as Dantalion. Then I don’t know exactly what happened, I don’t remember all the details, but I know beside me there was my 3 wolves (I posted about them in another topic, please check my activity in profile to read about it). I think they were with me for protection, I assume. Anyway, so I think I woke up soon after I heard Dantalion. Then I searched the name on google and found out what it really is… Please keep in mind that I never ever heard about this name and I got extremely surprised to see that I had a dream that wasn’t just random stuff and actually had connections with the spiritual world.

I would appreciate any kind of help on what this dream means. Also, take note that I haven’t noticed anything in my life that I can say was affected or influenced by Dantalion.

Any help is really appreciated. Thanks to you all for reading.


Anybody having any opinion on this? Sorry to double-post but my thread has been kind of seen over. Hope I can catch some eyes by adding this reply to the thread.

Interesting experience. What vibes did your surroundings give? Was the forest grim and dark or a pleasant place to be? Was the purple aura hostile or friendly? In my dreams i gain most info from the surroundings rather than the event that happens, but that’s just me. What was the feeling you had when you woke up?

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The environment felt pleasing at first but then felt like a war zone, unsafe. The aura was aggressive. When i woke up i felt normal, and then shocked that i just had a dream of a real demon without even knowing about his name or existence beforehand.

You don’t have to summon or evoke anything to receive visions, this deity is responding to what you are putting fourth through your meditations or petitions.

When you find yourself walking through a forest in your dream, this symbolizes spiritual enlightenment as your soul is entering areas that have yet to be explored.

Wolf dogs represent people around you that are loyal and will fight for you. Dreaming that a wolf is protecting you means that you are receiving help or support from an unexpected or unlikely source.

The number 3 is spiritual and could mean your pagan or occult worship that is represented by the pagan Trinity and not to fear it or run from it but embrace it. Dantalion is a spirit of knowledge, always robed, carrying a book in his right hand and is well versed and teaches all arts and sciences.


Thanks for the reply. The 3 wolves aren’t just a symbol in a dream. They are spirits that have been with me since I was born, or at least one of them has been. They are my familiars (if that’s what they are called). I have no clue if they are evil or related to demonology. I always believed in good dogmas, never went into demonology, paganism, all of that. I would say I’m a Christian but I still believe in every entity there is and I am not that type of person that goes to church, does prayers or anything like that. I just have fears and holdbacks when it comes to anything related to demonology.

Besides this, thank you so much for everything and your input.

For others, please tell me what you think this is.

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Dream work is a very personal thing so the symbols appearing in your dreams might be very much connected to your subscionscious and individual perception of the world or inner matters.

I cannot give you 100% legit advice because I don’t know what you got inside your mind, but when I read your posts I had a thought, that possibly Dantalion is connected to you in some way or at least interested (that’s why at first he felt pleasant) but your subconscious mind had a negative reaction to his appearance, because as you said before you’re not really comfortable with demonology stuff or beings related to it. So, your visions shifted according to your inner subscioscious fears and made Dantalion appear with aggressive vibe as the automatic reaction to it. It’s not always their will, it’s more about your inner program and beliefs, they just give you the vibrations back.

Dantalion is especially the spirit of mind and I would say he’s kinda sensitive to your own thoughts, playing often as the mirror according to your own subscioscious, so I guess that’s why he seems to be that complex for most people. He tends to appear in the dreams or vision alone, so that’s not a new thing either.

Idk what you plan to do with it. I would suggest you to be open and think deeper about it because spirits are more complex according to their own individual nature than it seems at first.


I would love some advice right now.

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Welcome @Adipose89. Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

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Check out the sites search first than ask for advice, you don’t have join the forum to use it, hundreds of threads on many occult subjects, it you do join, please post an intro first as prompted.

Where did it say that and yes i looked around the web and nothing!!! Tells me how to keep him out

I was invoking Asmodi for a few days to make a person change her mind, I didn’t got it but then Dantalion appeared to me in a dream , next day I look for it in the books I have and it turned out the He has the right power I need for that task


I had a dream about Dantalion without knowing him as well. I was sitting in a room with a huge ceiling and huge dark green curtains. I was sitting on the floor alone. Then a cold wind blew in my face and I was flinged against the wall. First, I thought someone wants to hurt me. Then a spirit appeared, about 3 meters big, with a robe and a book in his hand. He told me that he is Dantalion and that he does not want to hurt me. He wants to show me something. I was excited and I told him “wow, this is the first time I see a spirit in full manifestation”. He did not want to have a small talk with me, he was there because of a reason. He said “look…”. Then he disappeared. Suddenly, I turned into a man (I am a woman in real life). I became a very good looking man. I was confused. I looked at myself and did not understand whats going on. Then, a woman came in. She was angry at me and she had a knife and she told me that she will hurt me if I will not love her. I said no no, I do not want to love you. She started crying and said she will kill me if I will not be with her.

I woke up and googled the name Dantalion and I was shoked that he actually exists and that he looks exactly like in my dream.

Any thoughts on this?

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Well it is clear that Dantalion wants to work with you. Maybe help you transform as a person. The woman might mean that some people will dislike this change.

Also please make a proper introduction it is a rule in this forum.

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