Dream about Belial

I recently started working with Leraje about some of my urgent problems. Everything worked out better than expected. Sometimes Leraje would briefly show up in my dreams, (I even received a nice gift in one of them) and usually the day after one of those dreams some (seemingly) minor things changed in a way I could use for my benefits. In the last couple of nights I dreamt about really weird and oddly specific stuff (it might be some kind of “homework” for my mind).

Last night Belial showed up. I didn’t evoked him and I didn’t have further plans to work with him. I stood on a balcony of some building, looking down, leaning over the balustrade. The streets underneath seemed to be filled with angry people, fighting against armed forces (police, maybe or military). I noticed someone standing beside me, leaning over that balustrade as well. He didn’t introduced himself but the Name “Belial” came immediately to my mind like something as obvious as a car or a tree. He seemed to be very interested in that turmoil below; with a sneeringly voice he then said: “That looks pretty bad.” I couldn’t think of something clever to say, so I answered “Yup, it does.” (Masterfully conversation skills intensifies!!!) He then looked at me and asked: “So, what you’re gonna do about it?” I had no fucking idea, but buying some real estate on Falkland Islands suddenly seemed to be a really nice option. I shrugged. He looked down at the angry crowd again and answered with some kind of amusement in his voice: “You should wake up, then.” I took one last peek over the balustrade and agreed: “You might be right.” (The dialogue was in my mother tongue, of course)

I woke up almost immediately. Is it normal for some entities to hang around in your dreams randomly? Or do I have to do something in particular? I am not really sure if this “visit” was meant for me.


I think spirits with such power don’t just casually hang around in dreams, unless you’ve made an effort to try to befriend the spirit; at least in my personal opinion. I don’t think Belial would have made a mistake with choosing you with that dreams. Maybe real estate is the best way for you personally to stop wars, I would advise trying to contact Belial again, to ask for more clear instructions.

Quick question, not trying to be too personal, but what year were you born?


The post is somewhat older now and King B. and I already talked to each other for good :slight_smile:

The visit wasn’t random, you’re right with that.

Can I ask what happened?

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That sounds like a really interesting dream. :thinking: I agree though, knowing how Belial is based on my experiences and what others say about him he doesn’t just pop up for no reason. He must have a reason on coming to you.
I agree with you talking a bit more with him. :thinking:


@Zoclora this thread is from 2018, everything concerning this dream has been solved :slight_smile: Thank you for your input :slight_smile:

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