Dream about 3 black cats in my window, Sleep paralysis inside a dream and physical attack

I tried to wake up but I couldn’t I saw them trough a roentgen, I heard telepathic sounds in my head “we are here with you” in terms of appearance I saw them with yellow eyes I felt like they trapped me and they moved my body parts as they are controlling me, I couldn’t control my self I felt like a rope astrally prevented me from waking up but I did at the end overcome this, It was intimidating shit, Also the dream looked so real and realistic, What’s your opinion? Does that mean I have to stop try my communications with animals ? Maybe they got offended or tried to keep me out of their zone, Also what I noticed is that when I did overcome them and woke to this dream I still heard them in my mind and thought forms

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NO!! Don’t stop!

To me this sounds more like a confirmation that you’ve made the connection - especially since they told you this:

Maybe the reason why they had to lay it on so thick (i.e. sleep paralysis and ‘intimidation’) was to make sure that you’d:

  1. Remember it for sure
  2. Believe that it actually happened

If I were you I’d continue to reach out and then ask them to teach you how they were able to control you in your dreams - that would be a very handy skill to have, don’tcha think? :wink:


Brilliant ! Thanks sweetheart :grin: nice idea I will try to use your suggestions, I have been intimidated to approach them since then, But now I understand the concept of their message :wink: they are literally hanging out near my apartment and I tried to approach them all the time with my subconscious images, Apparently they finally noticed me :smile: I will try to communicate with them maybe tomorrow in the morning cause right now I’m at work, You just made me more chill and relaxed thank you I appreciate it

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Sorry to be a buzz kill, but I have a VERY different perspective on this. I think you may have drawn an astral nasty(s).

Consider the following: Do animals get offended? No, they get angry, sad, happy, territorial, etc. Offended is a construction of the ego. Animals do have egos, but they are not developed to the point of minutia where offence is a factor. That is why they can fight, get over it, then co-exist again in a group.

While a cat might be curious about a human, does it really make sense that they would have any desire or motivation to dominate your body? Not to me. And I have had some real asshole cats in my life, lol.

Now, an astral nasty will try to feed off of negative emotions. Anger, despair…fear. They will try to trigger those emotions in their target to get more of what they want. It seems like that is what happened, and apparently you carried some of that out of your unconscious state or you would not have even made this post. Guess what? The dinner bell is still ringing.

That is a dead give away. You probably did get attacked, and I do not think it was from cats; at least not actual cats.

Not at all. Just use caution and up your defenses, and maybe consider banishing your living space and warding the area where you sleep. Make a dream pillow or spell satchel for sleep protection and put it in your pillow case.

When you do magick you are setting off a kind of beacon for these shitheads to lock in on and find you. It happens to most at some point, so do not be too concerned. Just protect yourself.

Consequentially, if you do have a cat in the waking world, try to make sure it sleeps with you at night. They are between worlds to begin with, and could act as a guardian or alarm against future incursions.

For the time being, though, go have some fun, laugh, and do what you can to get your mind off of this. If it is an astral nasty and you cut off it’s food supply while preventing it from targeting you further then odds are it will lose interest and piss off.


I agree with @Woodsman81 on this, it feels like a nasty. Years ago I had an episode of sleep paralysis and I felt two bodies "sit " on my bed. Clear as day I heard one say “let’s get her.” I ended up saying something along the lines of " get the fuck out of my house you fucking cunt bitch. " They didn’t come back.


Guys, he’s been trying to reach out to them though…

I could understand the concern if this dream came out of nowhere, but to me it seems more like a direct response…

OR live in fear - whateves

So why would they try to intimidate him and dominate him? It just does not make sense.

Look, living in fear is never a good thing, but we have the ability to feel fear for a damn good reason. It means a part of your mind is registering that something is wrong, either with yourself or something in your environment. Should you asses fear, and if possible try to work through it? Yes. Should you disregard it? Not always. Fear is healthy and it can often clue you in to a problem.

Only a foolhardy individual bent on self destruction ignores fear in totality.

Personally I don’t think cutting off communication with animals is needed, because I do not think whatever was encountered was an actual animal spirit. I only suggested the course of action to prepare better and be on guard, which I honestly cannot see as a bad thing.

This is not a game, and to approach it with arrogance and ego is a surefire way to screw yourself up. Dealing with fear and facing it is good, but as with anything else in this world, go too far in one direction and you will eventually run face first into a brick wall.

Forgive me for being a voice for reason.

I understand he has been trying to reach out to them but that’s typical behavior of an astral parasite. Using an invitation or a portal to cause havoc. They’re bottom feeders and sneaky. I just don’t think these things he saw were what he actually was trying to contact. I could be totally wrong though.

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To get his attention and make sure he remembers the dream? As I suggested?

At no point did I say or imply that this is a game.

And arrogance and ego? WTF?!?!

Since you want to be a voice of reason let’s back this up and look at it logically in terms of what happened…

He has been trying to reach out to these cats for some time now
Now he has received an answer from said cats in the form of a dream

That looks like a direct response to his actions, no??

@SilenceLover - meditate on it and use your own discernment

That was not a direct dig at anyone in particular, but more a statement that a person without fear is possesed of an unhealthy psychology, and arrogance kind of goes hand in hand with that. Sorry if I did not express myself clearly.

[quote=“GaiasGirl, post:10, topic:28011”]
To get his attention and make sure he remembers the dream? As I suggested?

To be sure it is a very remote possibility. But this is textbook behavior of an astral parasite. If you are going to advise someone, do you feel it is wiser to give advice that they could benefit from without bringing harm, or do you think it is better to advise someone to engage in a course of action that throws caution to the wind and could result in detriment to the one seeking advice?

Nobody is telling the OP to stop communication with animals, only to exercise caution.

No, you did not, but an attitude that you should have no fear while practicing magick or spirituality is dangerous to damn near anyone.

Please do not make this about you, we are all trying to help the OP. Okay?

Omg hahaha i love you for this comment

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:joy::joy::joy: I keep it classy :ok_hand:

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You know it sis :heart:

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I wouldn’t give anyone bad advice just for lols and I don’t see how my advice could bring harm.

He literally has been trying to communicate with these cats and they literally responded to him.

I think you are trying to scare him unnecessarily especially IF it’s a parasite as you say it is and that all they need is a ‘firm talking to’ to get rid of such as AradiaX’s ‘get the fuck out of my house you fucking cunt bitch’ then… why the fear-mongering?

You’re kidding, right??

Nobody is trying to scare him,but we are advising caution and recommending a course of action that will leave him with very little reason to be afraid.

You don’t even know if the OP is able to distinguish between an astral nasty or friendly, and neither do I, which is why I advised a more cautious approach.

I’m not fear mongering. I am giving a course of action that will leave the OP with little reason to fear.

Not one bit. As I have said a few times now, fear is totally healthy, even in magick. Just don’t go into an evocation with fear before you even begin. That would probably end in disaster. Don’t worry, given enough time I am 100% positive you will come across something that will scare the shit out of you, and then you will see what I mean. There is no such thing as a human without fear unless they are mentally deranged.

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How do you know? Allow me to answer that for you: YOU DON’T. You have no way of knowing this, and neither do I.

And yet your first response is fear based caution…


I get it - the unknown can be scary…

But at some point we DO have to throw those cautions to the wind and FULLY step into our Godhoods without any fear and with the full confidence that everything will be okay

At some point it has to go from ‘BECOME a living God’ to ‘BE a living God…’