Dreadweaving: Astral Destruction

I’ve posted this elsewhere, but wanted to share here. I like to do what I call Dreadweaving, which is the process of “weaving” dread, anxiety, nightmares, and other forms of negativity in the astral to infect a person’s mind, dreams, chakras, psychic powers, and more through the astral. It’s not a new concept, but one I don’t necessarily see often (as far as I’m aware).

My method utilizes the astral and lucid dreaming in order to spiritually fuck up your target. These methods can be extremely detrimental to them, more so at times than regular curse work due to the deeply intimate nature of touching someone’s very spiritual self, especially those who are not magically adept enough to be able to protect themselves in any way (and besides, you’d be surprised by how many magic practitioners leave their spiritual selves wide open, worrying about their physical selves).

I apologize if there are concepts or explanations I skip over. Feel free to ask questions and I will do my best to answer, but sometimes concepts are a little hard for me to explain in detail as explaining theory and methodology of magic isn’t my forte as much as just experimenting first hand.

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming is my typical method of Astral Travel. When you dream, dream of what you want, create stories in your mind until you fall asleep, and attempt to keep control of those stories. When you Lucid Dream, have a key sign that you are dreaming.

I unfortunately no longer have access to the original psychological article, but this is a quote that was relevant that talks about Lucid Dreaming:

This is done on waking in the early morning from a dream. You should wake up fully, engage in some activity like reading or walking about, and then lie down to go to sleep again. Then you must imagine yourself asleep and dreaming, rehearse the dream from which you woke, and remind yourself, “Next time I dream this I want to remember I’m dreaming.”

Before you go to bed, also try to sort of daydream with your eyes closed. Just think and make up stories in your head, but make to focus on small details and keep them from getting ahead of your thoughts. Try to keep control of those stories while you fall asleep and dream.

Another method:

A second approach involves constantly reminding yourself to become lucid throughout the day rather than the night. This is based on the idea that we spend most of our time in a kind of waking daze. If we could be more lucid in waking life, perhaps we could be more lucid while dreaming. German psychologist Paul Tholey suggests asking yourself many times every day, “Am I dreaming or not?” This sounds easy but is not. It takes a lot of determination and persistence not to forget all about it. For those who do forget, French researcher Clerc suggests writing a large “C” on your hand (for “conscious”) to remind you (Tholey 1983; Gackenbach and Bosveld 1989).

Writing a “C” on your hand can be helpful for those who may have trouble discerning their lucidity. There are tiny things in dreams we may not be able to completely control, such as moving letters trying to read in our dreams or “broken” reflections. Remind yourself you are dreaming, that you are in control of your dream, and take it where you want to go. Try not to force your dream too much, however, as that can result in your waking up fully too soon if you are not particularly adept at lucid dreaming.

Constant practice at night when you go to sleep, or in the early mornings on days off/weekends can help you develop the ability. You can also do exercises to create your own dream landscapes, buildings, and so on.

Dreadweaving Through Astral Dreams

When you Lucid Dream, create a door, or pool, a walkway. It should be something that can take you to the Other Side, to the Astral, to another Plane. Practice this in your dreams. When you dive into the other plane, explore, search, learn from this plane intimately before you can move on to the next. Sometimes it can take weeks, but patience is, of course, a virtue. Personally I like this method as with dreams, I have greater control than pure meditative Astral Travel. You can simply create a door to your preferred location and go through it.

In Astral, we are capable of visiting other people, though they may not necessarily see, hear, or interact with us. To me, this is a good thing. I always cloak myself in the astral, never to be seen by way of ritual and sigils, simultaneously I often cultivate a ritual and/or sigil that will allow me to pierce through the skin, “membrane” or a person’s wards undetected. Explore all you like, but figure out where you may enter your target’s manifested psyche, private space, home, room, etc, even with a proxy. This is where you can invade them, curse them, and weave dread into their thoughts, dreams, and lives.

Once you have managed to find your way inside the aura, membrane, wall, whatever defenses of the individual, you can weave into them. Pull at their psyche, pull at their chakras, pull at their mind, dreams, inner Qlippoth, soul or spirit, etc. Imagine the strings in your hands as a puppeteer. Or, use your hands to poke and prod, inject your will into these points, weave the threads of darkness, anxiety, nightmares, sickness all into their spiritual manifestation. The hands are the tools of the trade here. Their movements have meaning. Experiment with open palms, pointed or stabbed fingers, hand signs. There are a great may possibilities in how you can utterly destroy a person through dreadweaving.

Thoughtform Parasites

One can weave dread through creating a temporary thoughtform that encompasses that dread, embodies it, becomes it, and attaches like a parasite.

Creating thoughtforms is similar to creating doorways in regards to practice. Focus on your creation in the Astral or in your Dream. It’s similar to just having a Thought and giving it Form. You create the shape of it, you design it’s look, you design its personality if you want to give it such, you design its purpose and how long it will last. Create it over and over and over each visitation in the astral or the lucid dream until you perfect it. You can start by creating a simple ball, at first, moving it around in your hands until it has weight or until it can roll. Turn it into something simple, like a snake. You don’t even need more than that to dreadweave, but powerful, temporary (or permanent) thoughtform creations are still a good skill to acquire for other kinds of working.

When you are capable of creating a thoughtform of an object or creature, you can create a manifested spell within the Astral. When you dive into another plane, you may imagine that you are near or within a person’s thoughtspace. You can invade their plane, their thoughts, their aura, chakras, wherever you desire by following their energy path. It can be as simple as listening or seeing with clairsenses for those of you that have them developed. When you reach them, you create, then, the thoughtform meant to invade them.

When you dreadweave, you create the dread you want - in the Astral or in a Dream it can be a “physical” creature of object - spiders, ladders, mirrors. You can create the individual’s fears through this. Plague their dreams with nightmares with your newly formed creation, attach a leech or snake r vampiric parasite to their spiritual form. The possibilities from here are endless. You can even transfer to them your own nightmares, bad luck, terror, anxieties, and poisons. Push your will not only onto them, but inside of them. Imagine it as a snake coiling around them, or as tentacles wrapped around them, as a spider cocooning them, trapping them, and sinking poison into them, under their skin.


One may physically weave threads or use more witchcraft-aligned conjurings for those not as well versed in astral or lucid workings, or who simply don’t want to. Physical Weaving is taking your already-known witchcraft knowledge and applying it to Dread as though it were an average curse. However, you must know these means work somewhat less potent as dreadweaving is meant to be woven into the spirituality of a person, not thrown at them like a normal curse.

Threads & Spinning

Taking white or light-colored threads and interweaving them with dyed threads is one way to accomplish physical Dreadweaving. Embroidery or spinning thread, such as in seidr, is useful for this tactic. Your dyed threads can be dyed a number of ways dependent on your will and intent. Weave war into their lives by anointing or dying threads with war water and blood. Weave fear and terror by anointing with nightshade berries or shadow water. Create potions of dread, fear, and toxicity to dye and anoint your threads as you weave them. Spinning different colors together creates a strong bond of Dread into the life of an individual.

Fire & Energy

Create your own mix of scents and burning items to place into an oil warmer, alongside oil. Burn on charcoal your picked herbs, incense, or spices. Create candles by melting wax and adding your specified herbs, incense, and other such things into it to burn. In tandem with regular witchcraft, you must take these energies and the smoke and weave them together with your fingers, with your hands. Whether you know how to actually weave or not doesn’t matter as much as the motion itself does. Thread the energy with your fingers in light circular motions as it comes out to spin the smoke into a concentrated energy of Dread.

Water & Scrying

Shadow Water works wonders for this method, in which it is water gathered from a dark puddle and left in a dark place. Add your ingredients together as you would normal witchcraft, make them bitter, disgusting, think of Goofer Dust, Hot Foot Powder, DUME oil. Do not be afraid of rot, death, and poison. Add them all into a black or dark bowl preferably, or the color of your intention. Use your fingers, gloved if need be by the nature of some ingredients, and spin them, weave them, say your will and imagine it manifest. Make the water connect with your target, imagine your fingers as they stir the water connected to a thread attached to your target’s mind, to the base of their skull, tugging like a puppet. Through that thread your inflict your will through the waters.

Divination & Destruction

One of the easiest methods, in my experience, is to simply read your target’s cards, runes, etc divination methods. Read their tarot and determine what aspects of their life you want to get rid of, and what aspects of their life you want to amplify. If someone has, say, Two of Cups and are going to be in a happy relationship, you can exchange this card with Three of Swords, or the Tower, or perhaps other cards in order to destroy this relationship. To do so, visualize the card as if it were it’s own being, focus on that card and communicate with it as if it is a spirit. Thoughtform it to life, manifest it as living. Draw your desired card and place it on top of the card you want to replace. You may also place the card, instead, at the “end” of the reading depending on how you read (i.e. if you draw cards and read them in a linear fashion, place down your desired card as if you had drawn it for the original reading).

Tell the entity you have created that it has a new purpose. Tell it what the new reading is, what it’s purpose is. If you don’t want to lose a precious deck, you may also print out the card, draw it yourself, even trace it, and burn it as petition to this creation of yours to manifest itself. Affirm your dreadweaving with vocalizing (or psychically commanding) your will injected into their fortune.


I am printing this off. You’ve given me ideas.

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I just love it when I meet another seidr practitioner.

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I’d love to read what you do if you decide to journal it ! Hope it works out for you :sparkles:

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I always find this hard, when I try to inspect one thing in my surroundings, it becomes blurry and I eventually wake up

Regularly look at your hands while in the astral, it will help you to be “anchored” in the reality you’re in


It takes practice, so just keep doing it.

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Okay thanks. i ll try this morning

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