Drawn to Lucifer

I’m very drawn to Lucifer lately although I know Little about him. Can someone direct me to the best place to learn more about him? Things he likes as offerings, ect? Also, I serve Lilith. It seems Iintuitive that they would work well together, but I boticed Some people prefer to work with Lilith and a demon or something. I just feel him when I’m at my Lilith altar and the only way I can Describe it is that I feel Like I have Two parents with me. It’s reallt nice.


Lucifer is beautiful. Look up all the posts about him, you will not regret working with him.


Lucifer is indeed an amazing spirit! Here’s what you need to know:


Thank you both!


:fist::+1::facepunch: I work with Lucifer and Lilith as well, Lucifer was the first spirit I evoked Lucifer is how Jesus is depicted. Very loving, kind, understanding, wise, and paternal. It’s a shame he has such a bad rep I find him to be very approachable and accepting.

Lilith’s energy is intense in a good way, euphoric, initially it was very overwhelming I felt she kind of put all her cards on the table with a lot of imagery. She was dancing in blood body contorting she was one who’s respect I had to earn. I imagine for her it is different because she has many men trying to get a booty call from her or her daughters so it seemed she wanted to see if I could look into the dark side of her. I told her I wasn’t afraid that she is a divine goddess who I respect and admire and I would not turn away unless she wished for me to go. She really warmed up after that, could say heated up if you catch my drift. But that is not the only reason why I seeked her, but very pleasurable and she wanted it so who am I to say no.

Lucifer’s energy is the warmest, and brightest I ever felt. It is just pure like a warm blanket around your soul. His light is cleansing, from the start it was like this if you evoked Lilith Lucifer will be cake. I find him very easy to evoke Lilith took a couple try’s for me. Let us know how it works.


As @damia2hell said Lucifer is extremely beautiful and fatherly.


I’ll concur that I worked Lilith then Lucifer then both and more. I keep forgetting my first ritual was the children of Lilith ritual possibly from our own succupedia here on the forum. I recall getting information via emails.

Lilith showed me its great to break old barriers and fears about sex. Lucifer showed me even more freedoms and the flames of passion. I’m beginning to think they all teach self mastery and freedom.

One has to just stop thinking about the whole evil demon Lucifer bs. You believe that then that’s your paradigm. I’ll say the exhilaration of changing that belief esp into ecstasy and pleasure and anticipation via free choice is a drug one can’t get enough of.

I guess that’s the difference between what I was voicing about earlier. The heavenly catholic vibrations have underlying shame, terror, and controlled patterns under an ego-maniac.

The cthonic vibrations are by free choice and thrill giving into the passions which the other seems sin.

How much humility becomes humiliation?

How much charity can you give before you become a doormat for everyone to take?

How much abstinence/chastity before you wither away and never partake fearing you’d become a lusty beast?

How much patience before you become the battered and abused constantly turning the other cheek?

How much kindness/gratitude can one have before you realize you are stuck and never improve? Others may have more but if you never even try and faithfully believe you’ll always be taken care of do you not become dependent on faith alone with no real skill to challenge yourself in the living world?

How much of temperance should you practice before you become malnourished and at the edge of starvation?

If these… diligence seems ok. But too much and you will work yourself to nothingness without rest.

There’s a balance here. Funny originally it was 8. I also noticed wiki changed kindness to gratitude.


what words of immense wisdom


I’ve always thought balance was probably the core foundation but nothing will ever be perfectly balanced eternally. There has to be movement so if you envision a scale it will be continually moving. Now if the scale is destroyed… I don’t know.


He likes:
Red wine
Dark chocolate
Chocolate with fruit in it
Violin music
Tonic water

He is very warm and comforting - like a big warm blanket. Depending on his mood and what he’s doing he will make you feel energized or knock you out like a Xanax.

He is perfection


Lucifer is amazing.
Protector, Teacher, Character builder, the shower of truth and wisdom.

He likes Red wine and all of the things AradiaX mentioned. I also give him Roses and he likes them a great deal from what I can tell.

He an be really gentle when he needs to be and cold and cut throat when he also needs to be (with your enemies)

This forum has some great stuff that will keep you interested for a few days. good luck


Yes roses too! He even requested I use rose scented soap and oils for a long time.

He’s very generous and patient but right off jump you must trust him and be honest. Completely. That’s the hardest part I think especially for beginners maybe used to hiding the ugly truths. Lay it out on the line and trust him.

And when you begin communication and think every now and then “ did he really just say THAT?” … Yes. Yes sassy pants did. :joy:


It is so good to have others like you who are similar in my beliefs to chat to like this, If I mentioned Lucifer to the general Population I would be a social pariah in no time. Thanks. x


I agree :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


I have started working with both Lilith and Lucifer over the last month, and I don’t regret it. They are my spiritual parents, my guides, my leads. My strength to get better, smarter, stronger…I can never come back from it, and I have worked with a LOT of deities previously, but NEVER FELT what I feel with both. They work very well together.

It was Lucifer who brought me to Lilith.
Enjoy it.


Lucifer usually grants my workings quickly,but rarely speaks. The times he has has been short and direct.
He recently did this and confirmed he is / was an Archangel.
So, do not fear Lucifer. Treat him with respect and he will be so many things to you.
He protects me and loves me much more than I ever expected and he does not lie,despite people (usually Xtian) saying he does


Lucifer has been around. He’s super elegant, has requested steak and Pinot noir. Súper fatherly and so protective (tears kind of want to roll Lololol). It’s so intense and


So, I’ve had pull to open myself to Lucifer. I laid in bed meditating for awhile and I called out to Lucifer and just talked to him about how I’ve been feeling and alot thats been on my mind, I was also suffering from headache before doing this. I said if he felt I was worthy id like to take him on as a guide, a teacher if you will. And i felt him I believe and i suddenly felt energized and felt like i should “pick up the phone and give him a call.” So i brought myself hear and in a few hours I’ll be making said call. I feel like its what I need to do.
Also that headache I mentioned earlier disappeared.