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So I have lived most of my life on the LHP and in darkness however I am living with someone my mother who is very much on the RHP and we clash like titans on a daily bases… now I am tired of the fighting and just want peace I can’t move out because I would be homeless so as of now I am switching over to the side of the jedi as the power of the darkside is no longer something I want in my life… so today I said fuck it and bought a Bible it’s at least Gothic in its decor and looks like something out of the Exorcist… it’s a NAB Catholic Bible not a protestant version like the KJV I also have a cross necklace which is ironically bought from Hot Topic… and picked up a book on angelic white magick and a dictionary list of Angel’s :innocent: I am going to do what I did with black magick and demons but now with white magick and angels even Eric did angelic magick for some time and BALG discusses white magick… on a side note my Guardian demon was Azazel so I figured Michael or Gabriel would be good angels for me to start with and there is also a catholic church near by which might sell items I can use in rituals…this is a big change for me from darkness into the light… well see how it goes… :latin_cross:



Mine is the opposite course. From light to dark. Necessary, balancing the forces. Some advice, I arrive by ten years of christic gnosis.
Take each separate thing. The old testament has nothing to do with Jesus, the Gospels relate to Gnosis, especially the Apocrypha.

Christ was an initiate, his teachings are similar to those of Gautama Buddha. Saint Paul and others have perverted the teachings.
Christianity is not about what was the Aeon Christ. Anyway, I follow this discussion. Christ said: you are Gods… Sounds familiar?


I think it’s a good move you can work with light side for now and once you can afford to move out you are back to dark side, best of both worlds :wink:


This is the best thing that you can do BALANCE is a key ingredient in any and all magickal practive in my opinion, could be wrong, but learning to work with angels is sometimes do beneficial. Chameal had retrieved my friends pet after it ran away, Raphael helped heal my grandmother of precancer in 1 week, raphael has helped heal my back, etc etc. Angel, when they decide to help, perform like pros. They just have different morals and it will feel much different to you when you summon them, but once they begin to work with you and perform, phew. Miracles bro, miracles.


If you ever need that fix, just remember that Lucifer is an angel of light. :smiling_imp:


Nice shift over, I’m planning to do the same thing once I’m done with my current working. Balance really is the goal, filling yourself with darkness then flooding it with light to show what was hidden. I really wish you good luck and love seeing you and others showing progress on there paths.


It’s strange I have also felt a strange pull towards the “light” but I still need to delve into the darkness to see where it leads. I hope it works out for you man. :slight_smile:


darkness is strong energy and I felt it as a pull of energy from bottom to the top of my physical body now with the light I feel an energy pull from the top of my body to the bottom of it… I also just did some ritual chanting prayer to Michael the archangel I found online a sigil I can use for him and I have a book on white magick… I have looked at sources and apparently Jesus Christ is actually just the human form of Michael the angel… so when the Christians are praying to Jesus its really just Saint Michael… also I have felt an energy pull towards Michael and Gabriel lately Michael is good for me to work with as he is called the prince of light and does battle against the darkness…:innocent:


I am considering using the catholic church as an aid in white light magick they can give me idols of Saint Michael and holy water I can use in ritual I am still a practicing occultist but I will just tell them I am Agnostic… I already have a Catholic Bible and just imo I do not like the protestant faiths as the Baptist churches… at least catholics have history with Dagon and occultism and believe in the demons and angels…

sigils for Michael…




Light has its own ways and dark has its own.
It is somehow wrong to say one is better/good.
Balance is always needed.
It is like saying day is good and night is bad.


Can i know these “sources”, if possible?

Tecnically Jesus
Represents much more than Michael, Christ is the man who embodies the divine. Christians, currently, with all due respect, they have no idea who they pray. Christianity is an invention of Paul of Tarsus, a big eggregore, powerful, but that should be seen in perspective. Jesus is the sacrificial death for the rebirth of God. Mithras, Dionysus, Khrisna, even Odin, the Sun. Was an Essene, a magician, a healer. The sons of Ywh couldn’t deal with it and have crippled his message.
Excuse me, I do not intend to be superb. Or dull. About the magic, the most notable thing is the magic of the Psalms. Each psalm has a purpose.

Holy water is loaded ritually, as well as salt and oil of anointing. Are useful tools, but only if the priest is worth something, otherwise Nada nisba niet zero nothing.
My opinions, nothing at face value, but as they say, the wolves dressed in sheep, if the so-called Christianity holds slaves million people there is a reason, and many reasons are more occult than they appear.


If you’re interested in working with the archangels, I would highly recommend Archangels of Magick by Damon Brand. There are really simple methods for contacting the archangels and getting a feel for their powers, as well as more advanced methods of invocation and evocation, along with other rituals.

This is probably the most powerful individual grimoire I’ve ever worked with. The powers of the archangels are presented very clearly, and the ritual methods are easy to learn, but can be expanded upon and improved as you master the basics.

What I particularly like about the archangels is that they work very well with other spirits, angels and demons. The archangels work at a very high level, cosmologically speaking, and therefore can see the very big picture, in space and time. This means that they are quite good at creating circumstances that are beneficial with regard to your present, past, and future, and other spirits may take what the archangels create and further modify it to more minutely suit your needs.

For any large-scale magickal undertaking, I usually begin with the archangels, setting the stage for the rest of what follows. After the archangels I may work with other angels, such as the Shem angels (72 Angels of Magick by Brand), to continue to sculpt the big picture, working rather generally towards my goals. With the angelic powers in place, I will then work with Lucifer and other high-level demons (though Lucifer is partially angelic as well) to incorporate more “bottom-up” or sub-lunar, earthly powers. This also prepares the way for working with other demons such as Goetia, who I employ to take care of any particular details not covered by the previous work.

This is how I generally work at least, though I always follow my intuition and account for any wisdom received in the course of any particular magickal project. I also do not take this comprehensive of an approach to every desire, but for such broad areas as Wealth/Prosperity, Relationships, or Personal Development, general areas that I am always working to improve, I tend to follow this approach over the long-term.

I hope this was helpful in some way. Peace be with you, and so too the wisdom and might of the angels.


That’s the thing demons work bottom up with energy fields and angels top to bottom I have also not felt any spiritual attacks since working with archangel Michael nothing from Azazel or Lucifer oddly enough I feel they the demons were pushing me towards this path Azazel left me soon as I achieved kundalini awakening… I have just gotten done doing a prayer chant to Saint Michael to remove me from darkness and into the light I burned a candle with his image on it and lit some incense… I can already feel the cosmic energy taking place…where as with demons it was earth bound energy…


I’m not too surprised they lead you down this path, as the archangels similarly guided me to Lucifer. His role in things is rather interesting, as part of what he can do is communicate with beings on all levels of existence. His angelic qualities give him the power of the messenger. He enables communication between the angelic hosts above and the demonic legions below, allowing for greater harmony within your reality.

If I may, I would suggest first working with the archangel Metatron, who is said to be closest to the Divine. While I highly recommend the book I mentioned, I will briefly convey some of Metatron’s powers if you wish to work with the archangel right away.

Metatron is strong with the powers of time, knowledge, and emotional clarity.

Perhaps there is something in your life that you would like to be able to do, but you just can’t ever find the time to do it. Metatron can grant you time for what matters most to you.

Perhaps there is something that you would like to learn. Metatron can grant you understanding.

Perhaps a situation in your life has brought you emotional confusion. Metatron can reveal your true self to you.

The book contains additional words of power that will make your request more clear to Metatron, but here is a simple method for contacting this archangel:

Draw a circle on a piece of paper. If you can, use a bowl or some similar object to trace one. Within this circle draw another, though you will probably have to free-hand this one. Within the inner circle, draw a hexagram. Within the outer ring, write the tetragrammaton (יהוה‬) however many times feels right to you. If you do not like the idea of using this Divine Name due to the association with the Abrahamic religions, consider it like this:

Whatever your particular conception of Divinity is, we’re all talking about the same thing, just in different ways. The archangels respond the best to this particular Name, and this Name is just a part of the greater being that is Divinity.

Returning to the sigil construction, write the name of Metatron (מטטרון) (use the Hebrew, it’s more effective than English) within the center of the hexagram. During the ritual, scan over the Divine Names first, then vibrate EE-AH-OH-EH three times. Next scan over Metatron’s Name, then call to Metatron three times. You now make your request, saying:

“Oh, mighty Archangel Metatron, I ask that you…”

Then, thank the archangel for the magick, and show Metatron your gratitude. The angels do not care much for material offerings, but they feast upon your gratitude. Feel grateful for what Metatron has already done for you, and the archangel will know what to do.

Sing again the name Metatron three times as a way of saying thank you. Then bid Metatron depart, saying, “As you, magnificent archangel Metatron, have come in peace, go now in peace. It is done.”

If you enjoy what this archangel can do for you, I cannot recommend that book enough. There is great power within its pages.

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Ha ha I can’t help but view Alan Rickman from Dogma as the archangel…also isn’t he the voice of God pre birth of Jesus…


Yeah I always thought of transformers at first to be honest haha, though that image went away after working more with the actual being. Metatron could be said to be the voice of the Divine in a sense, seeing as how he (I try to avoid gendered pronouns with the angels, hard to do though) is very high up on the ladder, as it were. It is said that Metatron was once Enoch, before his transformation into an angel, and that now he acts as the Heavenly scribe, among other things.


I’m confused, isn’t doing exactly what you were doing before, with different daemons, still LHP? LHP is working for yourself as opposed to giving your power away to deity, praying and hoping someone else does it for you… isn’t it?
Why does it matter that one religion gives some daemons the label “angels” as if it’s a compliment and “demons” tp pthers as an insult? They’re still all daemons, much older than those labels, they’re just in different political parties, kind of.

Yeah I don’t get the light vs dark - it seems so… arbitrary,why not red vs blue? and Michael and couple other angels are definitely plenty dark, no ‘lighter’ than any “demon” and in some cases “darker”. A lot darker - tbh Michael scares the crap out of me, he’s easily as harsh and unforgiving as Belial, more so, I haven’t the goolies to call that one yet. Maybe never.


Ha ha yeah well TBH they are all the same angels fallen or not however imo they have different energy and with me I don’t call upon them they pick me on their willing own Azazel came to me as did Lucifer and now I feel Lucifer pushing me towards Michael and have been feeling his energy for awhile now and had the name Saint Michael stuck in my head for a few days…that’s just how it works with me though…


I would suggest that you rely on the telesmatic images of the Golden Dawn, rather than any images created there.


Do you do the full 11 day ritual in his book?
I wish it could be shorting to like maybe 1 day and forget about
What’s with the idea of the 11 days ?