Draining soul-bond/possible obsession spells

I hope this is the right place to put this
There is a woman I used to know as a child, she was my sisters best friend, but recently Memories of her tormenting me came back, along with other horrible things from my childhood, regressed. A few months ago I tried killing myself and this person possessed me as if she were a demon or a god, it felt like pure blackness inside. It stopped me from suicide but things only spiraled worse from there: she will come in and out of my mind through a chord to my chakra, the voice in my mind seems to have the same personality as this person from my youth, and it triggers the memories to come back that I would much rather have kept suppressed. Outrageous stuff, like sexual torture and being fed period blood. But yet I loved her. She keeps appearing in my dreams. Every time I try to siphon energy to feed out of others, age sucks it through me like i’m A straw. And I feel her looking through me right now, kind of chilling in my body using me as a window. It’s making things hard with my Lilith worship because she tries block out any other being from making mental contact with me. It left a void when she left my life but why would she just start fucking with my head now in this last year? I can’t get it off my head. I feel stuck, i’m Pretty sure she is a vampire and magic user herself. And a hypnotic freak. Her energy is purple and black. I want to move on but breaking the chord might harm me cause her blood runs through my veins. What should I do? She has a mine field buried in my subconscious and the whole story goes really deep, it’s hard to type it all out as I’m posting from a cellphone

Perhaps call on an entity to get rid of her. try snd cut the cord between you two using visualizing methods. You could bind her from doing all these stuff perhaps it’ll work.

How could I reverse the connection to where she feeds into me and feels the same obsession herself? I’m not very successful when it comes to getting entities to actually help me, but I’m studying evocation. I can’t practice much but meditation where i’m At now, but should be able to build a temple/evocation room in a month or so. What entities could help with this?

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Sounds like a particularly nasty parasite taking advantage of unpleasant memories.

Check out the tutorials for getting rid of parasites here (bottom of tutorials list), and go from there.

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Just get rid of the connection completely. Revenge will do you no good, it will only maintain the detrimental link - especially as it may be a different entity altogether doing this.

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Anahata chakra creates threads to people we vinculate with
This threads becomes stronger and more like a big rope whith time and feelings
With complicated relationships where there is damage between people and hurt you get knots in the rope binding you
A rope with knots is shorter than a rope whitouth them
So she can pull or even navigate from the other end and cause an effect on you
Even possesion
i recommend do not try to navigate trough the rope it can get nasty
Prefereable cut the rope
And kill every link you have with her

Before doing so
I reccommend freezeng her so she can not reach you and stop you

After cutting the rope you might want to symbollically bury this person
So you feel her totally absent from your life
And get totally over it


I’ve been trying to cut the chord but I can’t seem to fully sever it, from how it felt when I get possessed by it and it’s level of intelligences it doesn’t seem like a common parasite, the thing is actually a quite powerful demon if not the person itself. It has lackeys and an entire astral world it drags me into in dreams. I’m not highly skilled in self healing, could someone here maybe try to help me? I would be gracious.


@DraggedAwayByCats Use a physical proxy for the astral cord, hemp cord works well, (or collected spider web if you call upon Sepheranz to break the link) link the two with your mind, and cut the physical cord with your athame (if you have one) during ritual. Many times a physical act is necessary to cement out will, and visualization alone simply doesn’t work.

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