Dragons of the five elements

If the god Behemoth is described as the dragon of the earth, leviathan as the dragon of the sea…what about fire and air?

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Dragon is one of the forms of the lord of darkness, the Adversary. The Dragon Signifies the Bornless Essence that should not exist but does, so it opposes the existence. That Lord of Darkness is known by many names. I would put it as:

  • Fire - Lucifer.
  • Air - Beelzebub.
  • Earth - Behemoth.
  • Leviathan - Water.
  • Spirit - Satan.

Thanks for the insight. i never really thought to that extent…opposing existence, does make sense. I think i will do much study on beelzebub because i always thought he would be attributed to earth.

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I actually wanted to PM you earlier today funny enough :sweat_smile: concerning one of your posts: How To Enter the mind of the Black sun : The Gateway For the Black sun Quintessence

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You sure can do Brother.

I’m pretty sure the Behemoth isn’t described as a dragon or serpent. Behemoth is a “beast” without making absolutely clear what type of beast it is, unlike Leviathan that is described as a “sea serpent”.
Along with Behemoth (earth) and Leviathan (water/sea) there’s also Ziz (air). No known fire beast.


The Fire is Lucifer together with Leviathan Behemoth and Ziz

Yes i also found that to be the case when i read about the Behemoth in the beginning but when i read about him in The Queen of Hell, the Behemoth is described as the earth dragon. Based on his description, it actually makes a lot of sense. I don’t really trust historians and scholars so much because maybe they were not able to deconstruct the symbolism hence that’s why another magicians viewpoint is more valid since they had direct contact.

So even if Behemoth or Ziz are described as ‘beasts’ in books maybe the scholars were just finding ways to describe the magnitude of power that these beings have and not really how they looked. Because i have seen Behemoth described as a lot things from crocodiles, hippos, elephants etc. There is a high chance that if you get to know them intimately and see some of their more primordial aspects, you may find that they are very draconic in nature which is in essence ‘no thing’ since the dragon signifies the spirit, nothingness or void. And most beings, are ‘no thing’ and what they have are just masks to help us understand their nature. Because the spirit element/ void exists in all the four elements. Hence all elements contain the elements within. So earth contains fire, water, air and spirit. As within so without. So this is why as LHP practitioner, i would rather view the Behemoth as a dragon than any other creature because of what the dragon symbolizes.

I disagree with this entirely, but that’s just me. I don’t trust someone else’s personal gnosis more than I trust the Bible or any other older source.

This also goes against my logic, “no thing” is nothing. And a being can’t be nothing because then it can be a being. Nothing can’t create anything. Even the Void itself isn’t “nothing”. But again, that’s just me. If it makes sense to you, then go ahead :slight_smile:


I think we will agree to disagree here :joy:, because at the end of the day, it is what works for you.

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And maybe i would just like to add something because it seems you misunderstood me for a second…i should probably have been more clear sorry. When i meant ‘‘no thing’’ i did not specifically mean to say ‘‘nothing’’ as to how you may understand it. The All cannot be nothing and hence nothing cannot create anything and you are right there. But also, The All is not finite like us, it cannot be measured, named, defined, bound or limited. Hence it is the ‘no thing’ or nothingness. The All is living mind. When you say a being can’t be nothing, you are also correct :smile:. Though i will use the word i originally intended… the ‘no thing’. A great being like Satan may have the qualities of the spirit element but they are not The All…they are not the ‘no thing’ but the ‘no thing is them’. Even to put it further, they exist within The All. Satan to us representing the highest divinity or that which is closer to The All. This is why many occultists have written that your definition of what is god will change as you evolve. So as of now, most people use beings like Satan or Abraxas but if we continue to evolve beyond this plane that might change. The same way you and i may be a microcosm of The All but we are not The All. Void implies ‘emptiness’ and it is where the spirit resides because as you may know the spirit is not matter, energy, force etc. because then the void would not be…the void. Hence if the void is devoid of anything it is the ‘no thing’ as well and as a result, a canvas for anything…it is limitless potential. So the void is not ‘nothing’ as you may have misunderstood me but it is rather, the ‘no thing’, a canvas of limitless potential where all infinite possibilities exist.

You may want to read The Kybalion by the three initiates. It is very interesting and worth the read I have found this book to be very useful in regards to the nature of The All.